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Why don't you ask him what you are wittnessing then explain the meanings of it to him because he is lost. And are the Meds. necessary Oh lord, who even knows. They will do all kinds of things to get your attention. The point is not what's going on, but that you should be ignoring it. If you want, ponder this question from afar. I think all the time about some weird thing my ex did and what it could have been. But I NEVER communicate with him about this. I would not ask the narcissist as he will just lie. My conclusion about most things is that they were lies, elaborate acts, and attempts to get attention based on nothing. He was inordinately interested in magic tricks and the Psychology behind them, if that tells you anything. He was also known to smoke crack, take neutropic drugs, and meditate, not that any of that did him any good. Like I said, who even knows and what difference does it actually make. They will do anything to get your attention. It sounds like what this one is doing is working on you.

2006-08-10 07:34:31
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