What is your position on the issue of registering women for the draft?

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What issues led to the drafting of the US Constitution?

The constitution was drafted because the weak national governmentcould not successfully control trade between states (to insurefairness), and to create foreign relations, or manage conflictsamong states about issues such as borders. The weak national government was financially strained and had nopo ( Full Answer )

What are the issues affecting women in Vietnam?

Some of the issues affecting women in Vietnam is early marriages,poverty , and many being left widows following the execution oftheir husbands. The other issue is lack of empowerment because oftheir culture and how the generally perceive women.

Should women be drafted?

i think women should be able to serve our country along side with men...the constitution says equal rights, right?!?!?!?!?

Did Barack Obama register for the draft?

In 1980, Congress reinstated the registration requirement (Proclamation 4771); all males born after Jan 1, 1960 needed to register. Since 0bama was born after 1960, he would have had to register in order to receive financial aid in college; but not until late July/early August 1980. This is more ( Full Answer )

Why is the military draft a controversial issue?

Some people feel it's a violation of our American freedom being that the government is "forcing" you to join the military. Also another problem is that the people in charge of drafting will choose the younger adults before the older ones. So as a parent many are opposed to sending their 18 year olds ( Full Answer )

What certificates are issued after the real property rights are registered in China?

The certificates regarding land are: Certificate for Use of State Land, Certificate for Ownership of Collective Land, Certificate for Use of Collective Land and Certificate for Third Party Rights. State land use rights for construction and state land use rights for agriculture are recorded in the Ce ( Full Answer )

What is the best position in a fantasy football draft?

That's hard to answer. I've picked first and I've picked last (12th - in a 12-team league) and its always fun to get that first pick but its no guarantee that you'll win a championship. The last time I won my league (2003) I had the top pick but my first pick didn't win the league for me. In fact ( Full Answer )

Should women be drafted in the armed services?

I believe drafting is wrong. But i also think that if men are drafted, women should be too. Women are contstantly fighting to be equal to men and when they are and it's no longer a posotive thing they arent interested in the equality.

Should women be drafted to military?

That is a tricky question. On one hand, women are held to be equal to men, and therefor hardship given to one gender cannot ethically be suffered solely by that gender. On the other hand, including women in the Draft would cause suffering to people who otherwise would be unharmed.

What is a position issue?

A position issue is an issue that different parties disagree on, as opposed to a valence issue, which is an issue that the electorate generally all takes one side on.

For what name you have to issue demand draft?

It depends on your requirement. Usually a DD has to be drawn/issued in the name of the person who will encash it. Lets say you want to apply for B.E in BITS Pilani, along with the application form they would ask for a DD worth say Rs. 1000/- Then you must draw your DD in favor of BITS Pilani so t ( Full Answer )

What is the validity of a demand draft issued by state bank of India?

Any demand draft/ bankers cheque is normally valid for a period of six months from the date of issue. However if the demand draft is presented after the validity period, the bank still pays it, so long as the bank still holds that amount in its custody, by simply updating the validity, and may be ca ( Full Answer )

Do you have to register for draft?

You have to register by law if you are male upon turning 18. If you dont then you will be exempt from some federal jobs and most all government jobs.

How did men register for the draft?

They would go to the local Post Office. There are Selective Service Forms there that would be filled out and given to the clerk. That would be sent to the local draft board. Their draft card with their selective service number on it would be mailed to them. BLAH BLAH BLAH TO ALL THAT 16,500,000 IS ( Full Answer )

Do men have to register for the draft in the US today?

There is currently no draft in the US. However, the US requires male residents between 18 and 26 years old to be registered with the Selective Service System. ALL male residents must register, including non-citizens and illegal aliens.

Can a demand draft once issued can be cancelled and we get money back?

Yes it can be cancelled any time by the drawer from the issuing bank itself. Draft has same features like a cheque.. It can be forged or counterfeited and can be cancelled any time before encashment. Therefore, exercise caution while dealing with drafts. In order to protect the beneficiary, banks ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of positive furnace draft on boiler?

if increase the pressure in positive way. the furnace's life degrades rapidly moreover you are getting back pressure / fire from fuel feed door similarly exit the air in gaps between insulation brick it leads to chance of collapse brick wall easily ref this page describes very clearly http://www.bri ( Full Answer )

What is the issue of suffrage for women in the world?

That even though the Middle East and other countries claim to have suffrage, women are still getting beat, harassed, and raped on a daily basis and as young as 10 years old. "The issue" is that no one is doing anything about it because they can't, due to the fact that some of the horrors are apart o ( Full Answer )

Should women be allowed in the military draft?

That is a tricky question. On one hand, women are held to be equal to men, and therefor hardship given to one gender cannot ethically be suffered solely by that gender. On the other hand, including women in the Draft would cause suffering to people who otherwise would be unharmed.

How do they determine NFL draft positioning?

Worst picks first. . non-playoff teams always pick before playoff teams . playoff teams are ranked by success in the playoffs first (Superbowl champion always picks last, regardless of their record), and regular season record second . non-playoff teams are ranked by regular season record first . ( Full Answer )

What positions to fantasy draft?

Depends on your leagues setup. Often a 2RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 QB, a DEF, a Kicker, and a flex is default. In this case you often draft a high end RB first followed by a QB/WR, then since football is becoming a passing game you look at receivers vs. RB's and fill positions. Usually you draft TE's late ( ( Full Answer )

What is the church position on the life issues?

The reverence for life is taken very seriously- the Church doctrine currently opposes- Murder, Suicide, Abortion, some types of Genetic Engineering (stem cell), possibly even recycling of skin ( which has worked very well with some movie stars)- and even Capital Punishment- all of which involve dire ( Full Answer )

What is your position on the issue?

July 10, 2001 The long-awaited decision * by British Columbia Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Brenner was released on Tuesday, July 10, 2001. The 325 page written reasons for the Decision relates to the final two phases of a three-year trial that began in February 1998. The lawsuit, which ( Full Answer )

Why were women excluded from being drafted?

Since the beginning of time, women have been excluded from the military, with the rare exceptions of emergencies; such as the Russian front during WWII when women were used as pilots and tank crewmembers, and in Israel when women were employed side by side with men in the 1948 wars. Some of the reas ( Full Answer )

What was the issue with women in military?

The debate is over whether women should be allowed to take up combat roles in the military- mostly ground combat roles such as artillery, cavalry and tanks and such, and especially infantry. They are currently not allowed to serve in such roles, though they can engage in combat as pilots and a few o ( Full Answer )

What is the draft issue procedure?

You can walk into any bank's branch and ask them for a demand draft requisition form. Once you fill the form and pay the money required the bank will issue you the DD you wanted. If you are a customer with the bank, they might charge you a little less for the DD fee but that does not prevent you fro ( Full Answer )

Why should you mandate women into the draft?

Because men and women are consider equal in this country. And the only way to have true equality is to force both men and women to go to war. It is only fair since men have been doing it for a while as well. Otherwise it would be sexist.

What is the issue with AIDS in women?

AIDS in women is a serious public health concern. Women exposed to HIV infection through heterosexual contact are the most rapidly growing risk group in the United States population. The percentage of AIDS cases diagnosed in women.

Why are women not required to register for selective service?

The purpose of the draft is to resupply the military with a combat force in an emergency situation, and being that women are ineligible from assignment to a combat position by military regulation, they are excluded from the draft. I don't want this answer to be misleading at all, so to be clear, ( Full Answer )

Is issuing a bank draft cheaper than a check?

No, because banks charge a fee to issue bank drafts, but if you have a checking account, and don't care about fancy options, your bank will probably issue you a book of checks for free.

If you draft has been lost What bank do before issuing the duplicating draft?

banks generally issue a duplicate draft in lieu of the original reported lost.before the duplicate draft is issued, the purchaser indemnifies the bank against liability in case of the lost draft being presented by someone who has obtained a good title to it.the indemnity should cover the amount of t ( Full Answer )