What is your strategy?

The choice of strategy really depends on the available resources, the local terrain, available intelligence, the deployment of the enemy, and knowledge of the mind of the enemy commander. There is the Strategy of Attrition by which a force superior in number and materiel seeks to wear down the enemy until it is unable to carry on the struggle. This is very often accompanied by a blockade to prevent the enemy from attaining needed supplies. Total War seeks to destroy the means by which the enemy is able to carry out the conflict. The Strategy of Envelopment attempts to encircle the enemy, cutting off the forces from their source of supply. A Fabian Strategy denies open battle to the enemy, fighting guerrilla style, picking off straggling units, forcing the enemy to expend more in troops and supplies that it can afford to sustain in the field. It is sometimes referred to as Asymmetrical Warfare. Deep Penetration seeks to exploit a division or opening in the opposing army's deployment using Infiltration or Assault, to race through the gap and directly attack the opposing commander's headquarters.