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Q: What issue did Luther agree with catholic church?
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What is one issue on which the western church and the eastern church have never been able to agree?

The Catholic Church and The Orthodox Church are divided, primarily, over the role of the Bishop of Rome (the pope) as the authoritative successor of St. Peter. Within The Catholic Church, proper, there is the Latin Rite and the Eastern Rite. There is no theological division between these two rites within The Catholic Church.

What issue sparked Martin Luther's reformation?

taxes at the time of the catholic revolution

Does the Catholic Church issue annulments for non-sacramental marriages?

Yes, as in the case of a non Catholic Christian married in another church and divorced who wants to marry in the catholic church

Did Luther want to eliminate all Catholic rites in his church?

AnswerNo. Luther's original intention was to reform the practise of selling indulgences, which he believed to lead to corruption. His 96 theses were mainly concerned with this one issue. When he realised that there was to be no compromise, he began to review many other Catholic practices and doctrines that he found objectionable.

How is religion an issue in the dutch revolt?

The Protestantism Rebelled against the catholic church.

Do you need a blood test to be married in a Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church does not require a blood test. The people that issue marriage licenses may require a blood test, regardless of what church you are getting married in.

How has same-sex marriage caused separation in the church?

In the United States, the issue of same-sex marriage, bundled together with the ordination of same-sex married clergy, has caused schism in several churches, notably the Episcopalians and the Lutherans. In many other churches, most notably the Roman Catholic Church, the majority of members polled do not agree with the official church teaching on the issue.

Can a divorced greek orthodox woman marry a catholic man in a catholic church if her first marriage was annulled by the greek church?

The answers is no, if he wasn't divorced,yes,because the catholic church recognises the orthodox church as valid since they were one church before.However if he is divorced he is not allowed in either catholic or orthodox. A Catholic can marry any non- Catholic, and it is recognized as a sacrament in the Catholic church. Only when the individual has been previously married there is an issue. In which case that individual must have their previous marriage annuled. The Catholic church permits Catholics to marry in the Orthodox church and it is a sacrament. I have spoken to Catholic priests and Catholic Bishops and they do not see a problem with a Greek annulment, as being an impediment. If that individual did not have their marriage previously annulled than it would be an issue.

The rise of the Roman Catholic Church?

A: First, as a Catholic, I take issue with the term "Roman Catholicism" or "Roman Catholic." That term did not come into existence until the Protestant Reformation. The term was created by Protestants to describe The Catholic Church. Earliest use of the term was the 16th Century. The Catholic Church Herself does not accept this "qualifier."Example 1: The Catechism of The Catholic Church is not titled: The Catechism of The Roman Catholic Church. There's a reason for that -- such a title would be theologically inaccurate and misleading.Example 2: when referring to The Orthodox Church, we do not call Her The Russian Church or The Greek Church. To do so is inaccurate and dismissive/insulting because The Orthodox Church does not describe Herself by such "qualifiers."Technically, there is no such thing as "the Roman Catholic Church."Second: therefore, the answer to your question is: The Catholic Church "rose" -- came into actual/official existence -- at Pentecost.

What did the Catholic Church say about Madaline Maccan?

The Madeline Maccann issue was awful and the church think that everyone should carry on looking for Madeline as she is out their somewhere

Why did Martin Luther want to change the Roman Catholic Church?

Martin Luther was determined to change the Roman Catholic Church because his beliefs conflicted with the Church's practices. He argued that salvation of the soul will result from true faith in God, not just good deeds. Luther also strongly disliked the s act of granting and selling indulgences because he felt that forgiveness came truly from that person and God. He was known for writing the "95 Theses" and posting it on the door of a church at Wittenberg on October 31, 1517. This document was a list of ways explaining how he viewed the Catholic Church as corrupt and abusing their power of position. This happened around the time of the beginning of the printing press, and that may have contributed to the fact that this was spread throughout Germany first and quickly reached Rome. The "95 Theses" was believed to be the foundation of the Protestant Reformation; however, this transformed from a religious issue to a political matter and was charged as a heretic because his writings conflicted with the teachings of the Catholic Church at the time, and resulted in Pope Leo X excommunicating him.

Why was Luther not killed as a heretic?

Martin Luther, originally trained as a lawyer. He was an Augustine monk and Augustine (340-430) had emphasized the primacy of the Bible rather than Church officials as the ultimate religious authority. He also believed that humans could not reach salvation by their own acts, but that only God could bestow salvation by his divine grace. Luther's issue was with the sale of indulgences for people to be saved by good works, the inability of people to access the Bible personally and other questions. The Catholic church used the funds raised by indulgences to finance church needs, which was a political hot potato since even then the Church was incredibly wealthy.. He had other questions for discussion and so he nailed the list up on the church door on October 31, 1517. He was not looking to change the church, but rather to bring up contradictions in logic for discussion. In any case, the rulings of the church came to nought and the Reformation moved on without him. He married and lived a quiet life afterward. He did translate the New Testament into German, making the Bible available for lay readings. Answer The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and is here to save people and bring them to Our Blessed Lord. The worst punishment that the Church can administer is excommunication which is a totally denial of any sacraments to the person who has thus been punished. Martin Luther was excommunicated, but in his case, unsuccessfully. Excommunication is a punishment that is meant to bring people to their senses and to confession, back to good standing in the Body of Christ. It didn't work with Martin Luther, and he condemned himself, and all those who blindly followed him.