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What jobs and salary can you get with BA in Business Admin?


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There are several online accredited colleges with good Business admin programs.

what jobs can you get with a ba in management?

The starting salary for a PHD in Computer Science is $93,000. This is quite an increase over a BA in Computer Science, where the starting salary is just $50,000.

Almost every major university offers a BA program in business admin, so it's really a matter of where you want to go and what you can afford. Online, there's always

When someone has a BA in business, some of the careers that he may end up working in include sales, business development and business administration. a BA in business also lets a person know some operations in human resource management.

Yes, you are eligible to do MBA in law after doing BA in business administration.

Assuming that ba refers to BA or British Airways, there is a wide variety of jobs available as applicable to the airline industry. they range from pilots, to technicians to cabin crew.

Most states require that you have a bacholers in Business Administration to even take the CPA exams your basicly moving from an entry level of $30K to $47K. Also it would be stupid to have your BA and not take the CPA exam. Why go 95% of the way and not finish off with the most important part?

Well a BA stands for a Bachelor of Arts degree, so a BA in Business Administration would mean a degree in business that would be obtained in about 4 years through a university or college.

It can be either a BS or a BA degree. Whether it is a BA or a BS would depend on what direction you take the program (and what your university or college offers) in your undergraduate studies. Keep in mind that some universities/colleges may only offer a Business BS or just a Business BA.

by getting laid by the professor

In business administration, personality becomes a huge factor in determining how an individual enables to apply his or he skills in terms of business management and administration - making personality a huge factor in BS-BA.

As an acronym, a BA is a Bachelor of Arts, a business analyst, or British Airways. As a count noun, a ba is a person's soul or personality in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Yes, The degree of ba from Mumbai Hindi Vidyapeeth is valid for govt jobs? and you can try many jobs with this degree From here, please find the jobs according to your degree :

A B.A. in sociology may not be very effective for finding work in that field, as research and teaching positions require a master's or above. A bachelor's degree, however, is often enough for most entry-level business jobs.

A "BA" stands for Bachelor of Arts. Many undergraduate college degrees are Bachelor of Arts. "BA" could also mean a degree in Business Administration.

John K. Smith Esq. JP, MBA (Hons) (Uni), BA (Hons) (Uni). or Kelly Smith JP, MBA, BA (Hons). Depends if honours are awarded, if Master then normally a Bachelors degree will follow of some sort. University may be added as above.

I recommend checking out this site:

A Business Analyst gathers and documents business requirements.In the case of the IT industry, the Business Analyst (BA) will liaise with stakeholders to identify and elicit business requirements in order to find out what the stakeholder wants an IT solution to do.The BA will liaise with technical teams to analyse technical restrictions, risks, and impact for integrating a new solution or piece of functionality.Outside of IT, a BA will work with stakeholders to elicit requirements for a specific business need I.e. to reduce expenditure.

# Computer Science - System Admin, Web Programmer, Sofware Developer # Accounting # Criminal Justice

There are several jobs or professions. The first would be becoming a priest or a counselor for those in need of help.

According to CNN/Money the average starting salary for a BA in Business Administration is $39,488 in 2005. Keep in mind that many business people do not have a bachelor's degree in Business. In my field, securities (as in stocks, bonds, etc.), many folks have an engineering degree. They typically get an MBA, but the quantitative demands of engineering serve one well in business.2$depends

You should list your CeFA, then your BA and your MA last. Education is ranked with the highest level last on business cards.

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