What jobs can a 13 year old get?

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From the U S Government - What Jobs Can Youth Do?When You Are 13 Or Younger . . .
  • You can deliver newspapers.
  • You can work as a baby-sitter.
  • You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television, theater or radio.
  • You can work in a business solely owned or operated by your parents.
  • You can work on a farm owned or operated by your parents.

However, parents are prohibited from employing their children in manufacturing, mining, or any other occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

Answers from contributors:

  • A 13 year old can't get a job. you have to be at least 14 to work at a job like that. it is against child labor laws. but you can still work for your dad or something and get paid.
  • Ask your parents for advice but be creative maybe you can make charm bracelets and then sell them at the local Arts and Crafts fair. But make sure its not illegal or can harm others.
  • First all most states by law requires a minor child to have a work permit, this can be obtained from the board of education. However, tell the minor child, if he or she is willing to consider babysitting, dog walking, or a paper route it is not necessary to have a work permit. But Dairy Queen or McDonald are always options.
  • As a fellow 13 year old searching for a job I also would like an answer to this question. Something that you can do is a volunteer project. In Utah there are tons of places to Volunteer including the Childrens Museum, The Homeless Shelters, The Dog Pound. All sorts of things can be done to help out your community. If you are looking for a paying job well sorry kid that isn't gunna happen for at LEAST one more year!!!!! sorry peeps... I feel the same way about the stupid child labor law! oh well one year you can do it!To bad
  • What about in the UK ? McDonalds are looking for 18+ workers we have no dairy queen though the work permit thing is right you can get jobs in local minor shops depending their policies but they/ you would need to apply for a work permit
  • Can't work in a business unless its owned by parents or relatives because of insurance reasons. also the wage and labor board don't like it. in the summer there are jobs like, cleaning houses, yard work, pet sitting, washing vehicles, window washing, etc.
  • Well you can work at the grocery store at least I think.... :P
  • I'm thirteen and I got my job through the hire-a-youth office in my community. I would suggest finding out it there's one near you.
  • The jobs that are for an 13 year old paper route, mowing lawns, doing garage sales,or you can go around your whole school and ask everyone for a a dollar, and if your trying to get something expensive do the paper route it pays 400 every month. The bad thing is that you have to wake up around 3:30, 4:00 in the morning, but hey....400 dollars, not bad for an 13 year old huh.
  • The Child Labor Laws are very strict and nearly all companies adhere to a set of hiring rules to avoid crossing the line. Thus, a 13 year old may not have an opportunity to work for an employer in the typical sense of the word, in a regular job, or for that matter, even be considered in the first place.

But, there is hope. Many a young person who are enterprising and determined to earn money, say, for college or that new bicycle, can find paying jobs right within their own neighborhood. There are some cautions you need to be aware of, such as making sure your parents or guardians know who you're in contact with, where you will be, perhaps they may even choose to meet the person you do work for.

  • I have had neighbor youngsters come to my door and offer to clean leaves from my bushes in the spring, for a set fee. I have had neighbor children offer to cut my lawn, wash my car, rake the yard, and sweep out my garage.
  • Sometimes, the Ma & Pa store can give you a small job to do for a few dollars, cash. In my youth I took down and scrapped off tape from sale signs on windows in a grocery store. I changed out multiple listing sheets in frames hung in the window of a real estate firm for pocket change, I washed signs for that same Realtor - $.50 a sign. I even made money washing down wagons and bicycles for other kids.(My parents supplied the soap, rags and water).
  • I've heard of elderly people hiring youngsters to help them with home chores, writing letters, reading mail and straightening their pantries for easy reach of needed items. One youngster helped elderly folks prepare for a garage sale. There are youth camps in some communities where, youngsters can help the community in park and public grounds clean-up initiatives. If they don't have one in your community, perhaps you can convince the local municipality to start one this summer, offering each child participating a savings bond for education.

Traditional work, for youngsters (who are generally under age for corporate and manufacturing jobs), can be found with a little effort and forethought. Always include your parents or guardians in on your thinking, ideas and plans. Allow them to help you to think things through, set some guidelines and help you make the right judgments. And, most importantly be sure they are aware and approve of anyone you come in contact with in your quest for earning money for that special interest.

  • Hey well not really much doing odd jobs around the neighborhood babysitting working with parents doing stuff for them but you should really think about finishing school so you don't have to change babies diapers your whole life.
  • Baby sitting or odd jobs or paper boy
  • You can start your own company if you have a license and start up loan, but you can't get hired in most places till 15.You could also write a book. Start an odd jobs service or use any artist talents. Weekly housekeeper and any under the table paid jobs.
  • In most states, it is illegal to hire even part time for 13 year olds. Babysitting and a paper route are the first things that come time mind. Mowing lawns and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood are other good ways to earn money. Good luck!
  • None that actually require getting paychecks. Its against child labor law. If he/she does work, it will have to be paid under the table
  • A 13 yr old cannot get a government recognized job but he can babysit, animal sit, dog walk, work in charity shops (for free) or just simply help around the house for extra pocket money.
  • I'm 13 and have the same problem the only job I can find is a paper round.. it depends where you live but in some places you can babysit
  • if you want to work when you're 13: you're basically limited to people who you KNOW, to give you a job. When I was 14, I worked at a Ford dealership washing cars for $7 an hour. I got the job because my uncle was a manager there.
  • There are many jobs like this available, but unfortunately you can't expect to get hired by ANYONE unless they are family or friends of your family.....
  • I think once you're about 15 you can start getting jobs in the service industry.
  • Print up Flyers post them around with skills that you have such as mowing lawns, killing snails, pulling weeds, etc.
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