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A popular fast food chain with roots in Midwestern America, Dairy Queen is known for its soft serve ice cream but also serves hamburgers, chicken and other meals.

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How much does a licks franchise owner earn?

Nothing...In fact most Lick's franchisees lose money; some go bankrupt.

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What is the price of a Dairy Queen blizzard?

The prices vary by size and somewhat by location.

Some example prices from mid-2011 (USD) :

Mini Blizzard : $ 2.39

Small Blizzard (12 oz) : $ 2.89 to $ 3.19

Medium Blizzard (16 oz.) : $ 3.49 to $ 3.69

Large Blizzard (21 oz.): $ 3.99 to $ 4.19

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How much would it cost to open up a Dairy Queen?


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What age does Dairy Queen hire?

Every state has it's own laws as to the age a minor can start working and the amount of time they can work, ask your school or google your states minimum age then call your local dairy queen

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How many calories in a Dairy Queen pumpkin pie blizzard?

In a small pumpkin pie blizzard there are 560 calories. But they are just too good to resist!

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Do the ingredients in Axe products really attract women?

" To some women it may smell good, but its not going to automatically attract them if you put it on. However, surveys and studies have been conducted, and there is very strong conclusive evidence that women are particularly more attracted to men that groom and have proper hygiene more so than men who do not. Such factors include showering, shaving, cologne, brushed teeth, and reasonably managed hair. AXE markets products to meet most of these needs. Men do not have to use the AXE product line to get these done, but if they do not keep these regular habits on a daily basis, they are less likely to attract women.

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What is the best selling item at Dairy Queen?

The Blizzard

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How much for a lg blizzard a Dairy Queen?


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How can you make the blizzard maker's mix yourself?

It smells, looks and tastes alot like Carnation Instant breakfast - vanilla. I'm going to give that a try - it's much cheaper!

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How much does a blizzard cost?

bla bla y mas bla hehehehehehehe

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How much does a medium blizzard at Dairy Queen cost?

A medium blizzard at Dairy Queen costs $2.99 plus text but this my be subject to change.

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Does Dairy Queen hire at the age of 15 in Arizona?

Yes, with a Workers Permit. Teenage boys and girls in Arizona can obtain Workers Permit from their nearest local govermental agencies. Some of these "local governmental agencies" include your high school guidance office, middle school guidance office, county courthouse, city courthouse, or federal courthouse.

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What jobs are available at Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen JobsSome jobs at DQ include: floors, tables, drive through, or cash person. It will depend on how old you are.

How Old though?

iam 16teen years old

There are no jobs avaible its winter.

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What age do you have to be to work at a Dairy Queen in Florida?

At least 16

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Why do you want to work for Dairy Queen?

you get employee discounts

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How much does Dairy Queen pay?

the average pay is about $8.50 dollars not 100% but that's for teens

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Where can you find the ingredient list for Melaleuca products?

You can usually find them on the back of the containers they came in. also if you go the melaleuca.com site, when you click on a certain product, there is a tab that says label info. Click on that and you can read all the ingredients. If you would like products that have melaleuca in them, leave your name email at ideanza.fourpointwellness.com, and I will be happy to assist you!! Deanza

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What Dairy Queen blizzard flavors are there?

The possibilities of Dairy Queen blizzards are endless! You can mix and match whatever toppings you want in your blizzard. To make a blizzard, it starts with vanilla ice cream. Customers have the option of chocolate ice cream; however, you would have to ask for it, because vanilla ice cream is the base of all blizzards, with the exception of Chocolate Extreme. I used to work at Dairy Queen.

Here is a list of all our standard blizzard flavours. (Note: All of these toppings are mixed with vanilla ice cream)

Kit Kat, Smarties, Skor, Oreo, Reese, Crispy Crunch:These toppings would just be mixed by itself with vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Cheesequake: Strawberry syrup, cheesecake bits

Banana Cream Pie: Sliced bananas, pie crumbs, banana syrup, topped with whipped cream

Cookie Dough: Cookie dough bits, chocolate syrup

Banana Split: Banana, strawberry syrup, pineapple, chocolate syrup

Chocolate extreme: Chocolate ice cream, brownie bits, cocoa fudge, chocolate chunk

Every month, there would be a different "Blizzard of the Month". Our store would only carry the ingredients for that one special month; however, some stores will have the toppings all year round.

Some examples of Blizzard of the Month:

Mint Oreo: Oreo bits, mint syrup

Cotton Candy: Hard cotton candy bits, cotton candy syrup

Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin pie filling, pie crumbs, topped with whipped cream

Peppermint: Crushed peppermint candy, peppermint sauce

Waffle Crunch: Waffle bits, caramel sauce, chocolate chunk

Chocolate Covered Cherries: Cherries with sugar syrup, chocolate chunk

Georgia Mud Fudge: Brownie bits, cocoa fudge, pecans

Customers are also able to customize their own blizzards with whatever toppings their local Dairy Queen carries.

Chocolate: Smarties, skor, chocolate chunk, reese, crispy crunch, kitkat

Syrup: Caramel, chocolate, hot fudge, cocoa fudge, banana, mint, peppermint, cappuccino, marshmallow

Fruits in sugar syrup: Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, pineapple

Fresh fruit: Banana

Others: Chopped nuts, coconut, pecans, brownie bits, pie crumbs, cheesecake bits, cookie dough bits

I have seen some crazy and interesting mix and match blizzards such as:

- Cherries with oreo

- Cookie dough with strawberry

- Blueberry with cappuccino sauce

- Smarties with raspberry

- And the list goes on forever!

Dairy Queen

Who invented the blizzard cake at Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen invented it!!

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What is the age limit for teens to work at sonic drive through?

It depends from state to state. Here in AL, the minimum legal age is 15, although most places will not hire you until you're 16. This is personal preference and just because they want an employee that is available to work at more times. They prefer an employee that has his/her personal and reliable method of transportation. If you are "bumming a ride" from a friend or being driven by or sharing a car with a family member, you appear less reliable to them than someone who has their own car.

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Will Dairy Queen in Las Vegas hire 14-year-olds?

that's impossible u need to be at least 16 to work there

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Where did Dairy Queen start?

Joliet, Illinois :)

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Who is the actress in the Dairy Queen commercial?

liza gonzalez

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Does Dairy Queen offer college scholarships?

What do you think it is Dairy Queen?!

Well that person is wrong, DQ actually does offer a scholarship as long as you have worked there while still in High School for atleast one year.


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