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What jobs can you get with a degree in fashion design?


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With a degree in fashion design you can become a designer. You can also become a merchandiser because you will have insight retailers want.


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most likely a degree in fashion design

interior design ,produce design, fashion design

No, you do not need a license to be a fashion designer, but a degree in Fashion design is important.

Interior Design, Furniture Design, Fashion Design, Florist, Architecture, Floor Design, Door Design, Fashion & Design, Fashion Retail, Fashion designer, Fashion Buyer, Anything that involves people with things more hands on or have a creative imagination so they can design anything or put in whatever order.

There are a lat of different jobs in fashion they include: shopper management costume design and stylist. There are loads more.

yes! there are a couple of degree options: fashion design and fashion merchandising. you may be able to get a 2-year Associate's Degree or a 4-year Bachelor's degree depending on the college or university.

Florida State Univeristy offers an outstanding distance learning degree in fashion design. This is a well regrded degree program. The University of Phoenix and Kaplan University are the top 2 universities that offer distance learning for fashion design. It generally takes 2 years to earn an associates in fashion design.

To be a costume designer you at least need an associate degree in fashion design. However, while pursing a degree you may want to considering volunteering at local theaters to help them with their costumes. Since costume designing is such a competitive industry you may want to think about getting a degree in costume design (commonly called production design). The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising offers an associate degree in costume design (though an associate degree in fashion design is a prerequisite). Savannah College of Art and Design offers a 4 year Production Design bachelor's degree program as well as a 4 year Fashion Design bachelor's degree program. Many other colleges offer a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and by working with that colleges theater department frequently you will be able to make yourself highly qualified to be a costume designer. I am on the path to become a costume designer myself, I am double majoring in Fashion Design and Production Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall. Good Luck, I hope you find this helpful.

Fashion designers start by taking fashion and design classes in high school. The go on to obtain a fine arts degree in fashion or atten a fashion design school.

You will need a degree in fashion design from college in order to become a fashion designer. An associate or Bachelor's degree will do. You will also need training in business. A designer will need a skill for textures and design as well.

There are plenty of fashion schools and fashion design degree programs in Texas. Some of the schools include: International Academy of Design & Technology in San Antonio, Austin School of Fashion Design in Austin, and the Art Institute of Dallas in Dallas.

Entry level positions for fashion design degree holders include buyer assistants for clothing companies and merchandisers. Also, some companies hire fashion design graduates for internships first to test them.

Fashion models don't really need an education, but it will help if they have a bachelors degree in fashion design

Well, a "associated degree in "Fashion design', in most 'accredited' universities and colleges can take 2 years. You will have to finish your "lower division' course work to 'qualify for a associates degree in fashion design. Each university or college will be have different names for the 'lower division' courses that are required in a 'fashion design' course work, but if you follow the guidelines your 'Advisor' that should have been 'assigned to you' will be able to 'structure' a curriculumn plan that will show 'how long it will and a definite time span to finish your degree in 'Fashion Design'. good luck

With a fashion design degree, you can work just about anywhere in the clothing industry. You can open up your own fashion shop, or work in the facilities with top designers to produce new collections sold in stores.

If one is seeking an art job in the fashion industry, it would be quite advantageous to have a degree from an art school. With degree in hand, one may need to get an internship or trainee position to prove one's worth. If the art job one is seeking is as a fashion designer, do not discount the value of attending a fashion design institute.

I went FIDM in Los Angeles and i got an AA in Fashion Design :)but i have yet to have a fashion job....anyone want to give me one?Answerok uhmm first of all to the person who answered it above me... theres no such thing as a fashion design degree! Most designers need formal training after high school. Some attend a professional design school or get an associate degree, but in general most need a bachelor's degree. It is typical for fashion and graphic designers to get a degree in the fine arts. Fashion designers usually get their training through summer internships or by working in retail. Some designers may decide to become teachers in design schools. Some open their own design businesses.

There are many jobs available to those who have a major in Graphic Design. Advertising and Marketing are two jobs that would require a degree in Graphic Design.

Holding a degree in interior design can certainly help when applying for jobs in this field. Having a significant background in architecture and art can also lead to employment in interior design.

Well I would say a desire to design and a eye for creativity and trends for sure but also attending a fashion college will go a LONG way and I'm sure a lot of fashion design jobs require that you have a degree from a fashion college. If you're researching fashion colleges, look into FIDM. I have friends who graduated from that school and they really loved it and told me that FIDM has a very well known fashion design program and that a lot of famous fashion designers graduated from that school. Good luck!

basically how well your designs sell

A graphics design degree leads toward jobs in the creation of marketing materials, ad copy, and marketing art. Some graphics design graduate find jobs in the computer and video game industries.

2 or 4 year of college degree

If your looking to get a degree in fashion design, some schools offer a B.S. in Fashion Design, which carries more weight than a B.F.A. There are related majors more concerned with science, such as textile design and textile engineering.

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