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What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in general business?

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There are some jobs available for a person with an associates degree in general business. Some of these jobs are Customer Service Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and Accounting Assistant.

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What is the best place to get an Associate's Degree in business?

test information about Business schools, jobs and salaries. ... Online business Associates Degree" 2 years; Online business Bachelor Degree Associate's degree in business school

What is the difference between an associates in science degree and an associates in applied science degree in nursing?

An Associates in Science degree is a more general education degree, including more humanities and general sciences. An Associate in Applied Science, nursing or otherwise, is a more targeted degree for that profession. A "regular" associates degree is more transferrable to a Bachelor's degree and more all-purpose (can be applied to several jobs but in a general way), whereas an "applied" degree is more likely to get you a specific job (but no other job).

What type of jobs would an associates of science degree be useful in?

An associates of science is a general degree category from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. Thus, the types of jobs available would depend on the specific major. For example, an associates of science in nursing, or engineering, or biology, etc..

What are the jobs you can get with an associate degree?

This is a vague question but I will help as best as I can. With an associates degree you open your possibilities to so many options but specifying your associates degree is what counts. You can get an associates in practical science or an associates in business, arts, science*. All these have different pathways and the more and more you specify what you want, the better outlook you will have on career choices.

What is an associates degree and what jobs can I get with one?

An associates degree is a degree for undergraduate academics given out after completing a 2 year course of study. Just a few of the jobs that you can get in the state of Florida with an associates degree are a registered nurse, paralegal, programmer, dental hygienist, and a respiratory therapist.

What jobs can you get with a general degree?

I am interested in knowing what jobs can I apply for with a general degree.

What jobs can you get with an associate of arts degree in sciences?

What job can I get with an associates degree in arts?

What jobs with a business marketing degree?

There are a great many different jobs you can get with business marketing degree. You can work for a business for example.

What types of jobs can one get with an associates degree?

It really depends on the subject area of the associates degree and whether or not vacancies are available. In terms of educational qualification, an associates degree comes in between a GED and a bachelor's degree. Therefore, an associates degree holder would be picked before a GED only holder.

What kind of agriculture jobs can you get with an associate's degree in applied science?

what jobs can you get with associates in ag management

What jobs can you get if you have an associates degree in art?

none you need at least a masters

What jobs require an associates degree?

Teachers Aid Office Assistant

What is ones advantages with an associates online degree?

"An associates degree online provides more flexibility than a traditional classroom setting degree, and the degree allows more opportunities for higher-paying jobs."

What kind of jobs can you get with an associates degree in management?

Any kind of retail store management position. Retailers traditionally prefer hands-on individuals with basic fundamental understanding of business. Generally not available are corporate jobs other than possible secretarial work with associates.

What kind of jobs can you get with an associates degree in mechanical maintenance engineering?

7000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 different jobs involving working with women.

What jobs can you get with a associates in Religion degree?

Business Chaplaincy Clergy Communications Education Health & Welfare Ministries Local Ministries Missions Religious Communities Social Services

What type of career or job can one get with a General Associates?

The best place for the answer to this question is the college offering the degree. The division office or academic department that offers the degree should have information on the kinds of jobs their graduates have obtained.

Are there any fun high paying jobs that require an associates degree?

Being a prostitute

List of jobs available for associate's degree in early childhood?

There are many jobs available people with an associates degree in early childhood. You could for example work in a daycare.

What jobs can I get with an associates degree in physics?

There are almost no jobs in any scientific field that you can get with just an associates degree, generally you need at least a masters degree to get these jobs.Perhaps you could qualify to work as an equipment maintenance technician in a scientific lab. You would not be doing any "science", just keeping the equipment the scientists use working.

What kinds of jobs can I get with a project management degree?

You can manage products at a company, such as shipment and production, distribution. It would probably be better to go ahead and earn your business associates degree and earn more money then production management.

What kind of job will a person with an associates degree receive?

A person with an associates degree can apply for many different job types. The degree will be in a specific field and often qualifies one for front line manager type jobs.

What kind of job can you get with an Associates Degree in General Education?

Alot depends on the state in which you live. With the new "No Child Left Behind" law, many states have begun to require teacher's aides to have at least an Associates Degree in something. Generally speaking, an AA degree may help fill out a resume but for most professional level jobs is worthless.

What kinds of jobs can you get with an associate of math degree?

Jobs available to people with an associates of math degree are entry level. Support positions in an accounting office and also community college tutoring jobs will be available.

What kind of jobs can you get with an associate's degree in general education?

You can't get a job with an associate's degree in general education.