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they were cobblers, blacksmiths, silversmiths, barbers, doctors, woodworkers, tailors, and tanners

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What were the responsibilities of men in colonial times?

jobs and responsibilities of colonial men

What are some colonial jobs?

The men did the farming

What jobs did men have in colonial Connecticut?

they had to whale,fish, and trade

What jobs did colonial men and boys have?

They Hunted, And Worked In The Farm.

What are some common colonial jobs?

One of the most common Colonial jobs for men was Farming. It depended on where the settelers were to tell what kind of farming they did.

What were hobbies of women in Colonial time?

Well the colonial men and women didn't really have a whole lot of time to mess around. Everyone in the colonial family had a responsibility moms=making clothes weaving blankets and around the house jobs with the daughter and the men=working on the crops , son= working with dad or becoming an apprentice.

What were the jobs of men and women in colonial Georgia?

the ate green beans and shucked corn. but when it comes to jobs i have no idea.

What jobs did men and boys have in colonial times?

The jobs that men and boys had in colonial times were mainly working on farm, fishing and hunting. As for the women, they went out to gather fruits t make food among other household chores.

What are the roles for men and women in the Rhode Island colony?

They jobs women and men had in colonial Rhode Island was that women did laundry,cook ,clean and watch their childrenThe men worked at jobs,colloges and more too.

What jobs did boys or men have in colonial times?

they had to hunt , make candles and, give the food to the women to cook>

What were men's jobs in colonial Virginia?

jd what were men's jobs in colonial virginia?

What did men wear in colonial time?

Wigs, doublets, and jackets.

Jobs of colonial Pennsylvania have?

Jobs such as making cloth and sewing were important jobs among the woman in colonial Pennsylvania.

Did people in the colonial time go to new york for the jobs?

No. If they wanted a job, it was where they were at.

How was the life of slaves during the colonial time?

it was hard and it wasint like are jobs now

What were some jobs in colonial Delaware?

There were numerous jobs in the colonial Delaware. Some of the jobs were shopkeeper, blacksmith, doctor, teachers, lumberjacks, and tailors.

What did men do in the colonial times?

Colonial times were hard and families were large. Many men at that time had to work hard to support their families and they did so by farming or running a family business.

What Jobs were there in Colonial New Jersey?

how do you guys not know what jobs were available in colonial new jersey what is wrong with you people

Women in colonial Delaware?

Women in colonial Delaware were not considered equal to men. Women at this time took care of the home and children.

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