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they were cobblers, blacksmiths, silversmiths, barbers, doctors, woodworkers, tailors, and tanners

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Q: What jobs did men have in the colonial time?
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What were men's jobs in colonial Virginia?

jd what were men's jobs in colonial virginia?

What were the responsibilities of men in colonial times?

jobs and responsibilities of colonial men

What are some colonial jobs?

The men did the farming

What jobs did the men have in colonial Delaware?

Men Hunted, Fished, and farmed

What jobs did men and boys have in colonial time?

The jobs that men and boys had in colonial times were mainly working on farm, fishing and hunting. As for the women, they went out to gather fruits t make food among other household chores.

What jobs did the men have in colonial Pennsylvania?

farming and working in stores

What jobs did men have in colonial Connecticut?

they had to whale,fish, and trade

What jobs did colonial men and boys have?

They Hunted, And Worked In The Farm.

What are some common colonial jobs?

One of the most common Colonial jobs for men was Farming. It depended on where the settelers were to tell what kind of farming they did.

What jobs did men or boys have in colonial Georgia?

farm hands ok

What were the jobs of men and women in colonial Georgia?

the ate green beans and shucked corn. but when it comes to jobs i have no idea.

What were hobbies of women in Colonial time?

Well the colonial men and women didn't really have a whole lot of time to mess around. Everyone in the colonial family had a responsibility moms=making clothes weaving blankets and around the house jobs with the daughter and the men=working on the crops , son= working with dad or becoming an apprentice.

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