What jobs did the Aksum people have?

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The primary means of exchange for Aksum merchants was coins. The Aksum people were one of the first to make their own coins.

The Kingdom of Aksum was the center of trading.

Yes, Aksum did conquer Kush.

Aksum University was created in 2007.

Aksum began a long slow decline after the 7th century due partly to Islamic groups contesting trade routes. Eventually Aksum was cut off from its principal markets in Alexandria, Byzantium and Southern Europe and its trade share was captured by Arab traders of the era. The Kingdom of Aksum also quarreled with Islamic groups over religion. Eventually the people of Aksum were forced south and their civilization declined.

Chinese did not go to Aksum to trade.

The main trading port of Aksum was Adulis.

Ilker Aksum was born in 1971, in Istanbul, Turkey.

He discovered that his wife was already married to Aksum

Stone pillars built by aksum kings were called STELAE

the important once were the kings and clergies and the lowest once were peasants and crafts.

Aksum and Rome were both linked by trading. Ships from the Roman Empire stopped at Aksum regularly. The Roman Empire needed Aksum's gold to make coins.

the climate allows for fertile soil and vegetation

The gold coins reveal a rich diverse culture about the kingdom of Aksum.

what is the history of Aksum, Ethopia, Africa since the beginning of the Christians come to the land?

what change did king ezana of aksum make in A.D 300s

The kingdom of Aksum reached its greatest power under KIng Ezana

There were no jobs and people sucked there

Adula was an important city in Aksum because the Roman Empire need gold to make coins, so the Roman ships often docked it in Adula. That is why Adula was an important city in Aksum.

They were located in Africa

Ge'ez (ግዕዝ) was spoken in the ancient Kingdom of Aksum, which is now present-day Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Ezana did change the coins of Aksum to have his portrait. He did this because the monarchs before him did not embrace Christianity.

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