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What jobs did the children have in the middle colonies?

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Everyone worked hard in colonial America. Children in the middle colonies had jobs helping out on the farms. They would tend the animals, help with planting, weeding, and harvesting crops. Children would also help their parents with meals, laundry, and other cleaning jobs in the home.

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What jobs did women in the middle colonies NOT hold?

Women in the middle colonies did not hold lawyer.

What jobs could you take in the middle colonies?

the jobs they could have is a fisher

What were the jobs in the middle colonies jobs?

they had a lot of jobs like the ones they had in northern and south

How did people in the middle colonies learn how to do skilled jobs?

People in the Middle Colonies learned to do skilled jobs because some peolpe were slaves and from their experience as a slave helped them do skilled jobs.

What types of jobs were available in the Middle Colonies?


What were the jobs for kids in the middle colonies?

helping out with the farming

What are the middle colonies jobs?

the jobs were farming,fishing,ship building,kid watching

Which colonies offered jobs in farming and iron mining industries?

The Middle Colonies offered jobs in farming and iron mining industries.

What chores did the children from the Middle Colonies do?


What jobs did people have in the middle colonies colonies?

Farming ,fishing ,ship building,kid watching

What jobs were available in southern colonies?

log choppers soap makers and sellers in middle colonies

What different type of jobs did slaves in the middle colonies hold?


How did people in the Middle Colonies learn to do skilled jobs?

i doin't know

Why was slavery so important in the middle colonies?

Slavery was important in the middle colonies because they were used as farmers. The soil in the middle colonies was very fertile. Slaves were also used as nannies for children

What jobs did the children in the southern colonies do?

churning butter and milking cows

How much do the middle colonies get paid for jobs?

they got paid gold for the jobs that they did the silversmiths got paid the most

What are some jobs that were in the middle COLONIES?

Some jobs were carpenter, blacksmith, shipyard worker are in the North, and farmers are from the South.

What jobs did the middle colonies have?

They were there to take up room and to make your life miserable.

What jobs where available whenthe middle colonies?

Iron mining, cash crops were th main sours of money in the middle colonies' economy but there was also fishing, lumbering.

What were womens jobs in the thirteen colonies?

House work Caring for children teaching

What natural resources helped to create jobs in new England and middle colonies?

the lumber

What jobs were available in middle colonies?

log choppers, soap maker/sellers,babysitting.....

What were the jobs in the middle colonies?

Some jobs in the Middle Colonies were as follows:farmingglass blowingsilver smithingtailoringbrick makingironworkingfur trappingsoap makingalso various other types of artisans

What was life like in the middle colonies for children?

well, the middle colonies were called the "bread basket colonies." so, I'm guessing they ate a lot of bread, and grew corn, wheat and rye

What is the slogan for the middle colonies?

It will be like in the middle of an interesting col (in colonies) (call) in the middle colonies.

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