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The soils and climates of these three different colony groups were different. New England colonies were in regions were soil was not as fertile as in the Middle colonies. Similarly, the climate in the Southern colonies was warmer and the crops raised were rice, tobacco, and indigo. The economies of these colonies was crop based. The Middle colonies grew many different types of grains.


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The three groups of colonies in America were New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. The groups had economic and geographic characteristics.

The differences in the economic life and the economy of the southern and northern colonies and states during colonial times can be best explained by the production of raw materials and the use of labor.

The southern colonies major economic activity was farming and a lot of slavery!!

New England Colonies- Industrial:Shipbuilding fishing and lumber Middle Colonies- Industrial/Agricultural:Furs, Fishing, Whaling Southern Colonies- Agricultural: Cotton, Rice, Indigo, Tobacco

The Southern Colonies were established as economic ventures and were In contrast, the early New England colonists were primarily religious reformers and separatists.

Some economic conditions of the Southern colonies are that they were very rich in food, especially corn and bacon.

does any body know the answer of this question: § "How was geographic location important to economic, social, and political development of ancient Rome?"

The Southern colonies economic activity was mainly agricultural. Some of the main crops that were grown were rice and tobacco.

The Southern colonies had an economy that the Northern colonies did not have. The South had farming and large plantations due to the temperate climate.

The planters were the ones who controlled the economic and political life of the southern colonies. OK but my answer are farmers merchants plantation owners teachers help me

Agriculture was the economic foundation of the Southern colonies; various cash crops could be grown in the South. Slave labor made production easier and more profitable for the plantation owners.

the economic conidition was good. they also had plentiful herbs and medicines

Agriculture was the major economic activity in the southern colonies. The most important crops were tobacco, sugarcane, and cotton, the latter especially in the Deep South.

the southern colonies ecconomy was mainly based on production by the slaves. slaves worked on the fields of plantations to keep the flow of money moving...

Georgia was one of the southern colonies. The economic activities of the southern colonies are tobacco and rice as cash crops. This is correct and i am positive because my history teacher said so. Also, Georgia grew indigo.

The economic development of the English colonies was greatly affected by geographic locations. Economies were highly based on agriculture. Colonies that were located near waterways concentrated on fishing, while other inland colonies farmed grains and raised animals for meat.

The southern and Middle colonies were similar in various ways. One of the common similarities was the economic activities which mainly revolved around farming and agriculture in general.

The Carolina colonies were named by King Charles II of England in honor of his father Charles I. The Latin form of Charles is Carolus was feminized to Carolina. The colony split into northern and southern colonies because of political and economic differences.

Tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo were popular crops!

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