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sewing and cooking

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Q: What jobs did women do in Victorian times?
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What kind of industries were in London in the Victorian times?


Jobs in Victorian times for kids?

chimney cleaning, mining , factory works.

What types of jobs did the poor do in the Victorian times?

Sure, in factories Sure, in factories

How important was marriage for women in Victorian times?

Marriage was important for women during the Victorian era, as if they never got married they would be owned by their father

Did women get sent to prisons in the Victorian times?

Yes, women were indeed sent to prisons during Victorian times in the 19th century for various crimes. Women prisoners faced harsh conditions and were often housed separately from male prisoners. The prison system for women during the Victorian era aimed at carrying out moral reform and instilling discipline.

Did Victorian children have the same jobs as Victorian adults?

no the children had more dangerous jobs

What jobs did rich parents do in the Victorian times?

i think that they ever went to work ,only the servants.

What horrible jobs did children do in Victorian times at the work house?

if they did not do as they were told they had to eat pig guts

What two dangers associated with the jobs poor children often had to do at the Victorian times?

Death and decapitation

A local women held classes in a room of her house was called in Victorian times?

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What were children's jobs?

The Victorian children's jobs were mainly to get to underground mining holes. This was later banned and it prohibited women and children below 10 years from working in the mines.

How long did poor children work in Victorian times and what time of jobs did they do?

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