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Most middleclass women did not work outside the home. Lower class women have always had to work, usually in menial jobs like maids, laundresses and cooks in wealthy households. Poor women of good birth might be employed as nursemaids, governesses or companions to the elderly in wealthy homes. Many poor women worked long hours with heavy machinery on factory floors. There have always been prostitutes. Women also worked as seamstresses, milliners and hairdressers. Nursing was most respected during war time. Otherwise, it was considered improper. . . all those nude bodies, don't you know. The most respected professions for women, the only ones that afforded education, were teacher and nun.

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Q: What jobs did women have before World War 2 began?
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Who did the jobs women where doing before World War 1?

The women did of course

What were the roles of women before and during world war 2?

The roles BEFORE World War II were being a housewife & during World War II women took over factories and other jobs. that's why women have jobs now. Before World War II they didn't work outside of the house.

What jobs did women in the military have in World War 2?

A lot of women took jobs in factories, making planes and other war materials. Most of the jobs that were occupied by men before the war were filled by women. This was the beginning of the "revolution" of women into the workforce.

What jobs did women do before World War 1?

please someone answer this i have a speech in 2 days!

What were the gains made by women during World War 1?

They could do jobs they couldn't before

What percentage of women work during war world 2?

During world war 2, there were about 25 % to 30 % of women who worked outside the house at paying jobs. More married women, more mothers, and more minority women found jobs than had before the war.

Which was not a result of the baby boom that followed in world war 2?

men began to have increased health problems -apex

What jobs did woman have in World War 2?

i belive that women did any job that a man did before the men enlisted

How did the role of women changed during and after World War I?

During World War 1 women were able to get jobs because of the shortage of men. After the war was over and the men came back home. The women had to stop working and go back to house work. When World War 2 began, again with the shortage of men workers the women stepped in and worked. When the men returned home the women would not give up their jobs.

What jobs did women have to do during World War 2?

During world war 2, since the men were away at war, the women had to do jobs that they wouldn't have even thought of doing before the war. They would have to do all the farming, and and look after the shops. They would basically do anything the men who were at war did before they went.

What kind of jobs did women have before the Great Depression?

The kind of jobs that women had before the Great Depression were limited to household chores. After the Great Depression, they were forced to find jobs that would generate income.

What did women do in world war 2 that they wouldn't normally do?

During WWII women began working in factory jobs - Rosie the Riveter was used as an advertising icon to encourage women to go out to work to support the war effort. However, when the war ended men wanted the jobs back, but many women did not want to leave.

What jobs were women not allowed to do before the war?


How many women lost their jobs after world war 2 ended?

Many women lost their jobs after the world wars, but I believe it was about 80,000 women. They had to give up their jobs for the men and return to being house wives.

When did women start getting jobs outside the home?

Women began getting jobs outside of their home during the Civil War. This occurred because women were needed to work in manufacturing companies and handle jobs that the men had to leave in order to fight.

What jobs did women have at home during World War 2?

industrial manufacturing, truck driving, construction, farming all jobs men had before going to war

What jobs did Jewish women have in World War 2?

Jewish women didn't have jobs because they were in concentration camps.

How did the roles of women in the US and in Great Britain during World War 2 compare?

Women in both countries began to work factory jobs and in other areas that had been previously reserved for men.

What jobs did women do during world war 1?

while men were away at war women had to do their jobs. They did jobs like farming and working in factories. They also worked on trains and bus drivers. working in the factories was very dangerous for women as their hands could get chopped off! Basically, while the men were away at the war, the women had to take over their jobs. So women began to do clerical work too along with ^. So on top of the amount of work they had to do at their day jobs, the women also had to go home and complete their houshold duties, so the women were doing double, their household job and the men's jobs.

What is one way World War 2 affected Western women?

With the men fighting in the war, women took the jobs that men had been doing before the war.

What were new jobs for women during world war 2?

women worked in factories to make weapons and war supplies. They filled the role that men had before the war.

What were women able to do before the war?

The primary occupations of women before World War 1 were teaching and nursing. Of course, there were exceptions to this, but the war did create the opportunity for women to work in factories and other jobs that had typically been held by men.

What jobs did women find during world war 2 that were a break from traditional women roles?

jobs in heavy industry

Where most women working after world war 1?

Since the men came home the Women were expected to give up their jobs. There were not enough jobs for all women and men so the men got the jobs and women didn't get any jobs.

What were the effects on women during World War 2?

When World War 2 began and the men went to war, the women in the United States replaced the men in terms of jobs. They were used primarily in military production factories such as tank and airplane facilities.