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low r134, bad low pressure switch

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Q: What keeps your ac clutch from coming on unless you use a jumper wire 95 town car?
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How do you replace the clutch safety switch on a Ford Escort?

The clutch safety switch keeps the car from starting unless the clutch is pushed in. On the top of the clutch pedal there is a little black box with a plunger on it. When the clutch is pushed in the electrical connection to the starter solenoid is completed. The switch just unscrews from the bracket.

How to install a clutch in kx85?

I have the clutches in my kx 85 but the clutch rode that goes to the clutch cable keeps Hitting the clutch Case How do I fix it

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Why does your car jerk when you let go of the clutch?

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What keeps a clutch open in a 98 vw passat?

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What keeps the car in gear?

A car is in gear when the clutch is engaged on the transmission

Need to know why your clutch fluid keeps draining out and you have no clutch?

Most likely it is the slave cylinder on the transmission. you need to check clutch cylander for leaks only place it can leak is the clutch cylander or the fluid line

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Hey what keeps a 2003 sonoma ac comp from kicking on?

check the fuse, then the relay and wiring. If the pulley clutch is getting power, then you may need a new clutch or compressor.

Your citroen berlingo clutch cable keeps snapping?

The clutch cable for the Citroen Berlingo could be snapping due to a sharp turn in the cable, or due to the clutch having a problem. Make sure that the clutch is operating smoothly, and the cable does not have any tight turns that might cause a kink in the system.

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Why Everytime you start my 1999 Mazda protege you have to push the clutch all the way down to the floor?

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Your AC keeps blowing fuses thus disabling the entire ac unit what could be causing the power surge and how can you fix it?

the a/c clutch is loose and is shorting out. the compressor and clutch must be replaced

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