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Q: What key observation did the classical model attempt to explain?
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What was the Bohr model an attempt to explain?

Is not complete becuase not everythin is correct

What does the operon model attempt explain?

the coordinated control of gene expression in bacteria

What does observation change a model?

When observation shows a flaw in a model, the model is changed.

What happened to the existing model of the Universe after Galileo's observation?

Galileo is famous for observing and proving his heliocentric model of the universe. After his observation the existing model of the universe was slowly phased out.

Explain data model?

Explain data model?

What is the major reason in earth science for scientists to construct models?

To help make predictions that can be tested by experiment or observation. Also to see or observe the model rather than to just explain it in words.

What kind of model relies on direct observation measurement and extensive data?

its is an empirical model

Explain the difference between the energy lost or gained by an atom according to the laws of classical physics and according to the quantum model of an atom?

classical physics views energy changes as continuous. In the Quantum concept, energy changes occur in tiny discrete units called quanta

Is most of the evidence that's for evolution come from mathematical models true or false?

Evidence, in a scientific context, is an observation that confirms, is consistent with, a falsifiable explanatory model. If a mathematical model is based on sound (consistent with observed reality) premises, and the results from this model are consistent with expectations based on the model under scrutiny, then it is true that the observation that the results are consistent is evidence for the model. If they're not consistent, then the statement that the observation of inconsistency is evidence for the model is false - although this does not necessarily imply that the observation of inconsistency is evidence against the model.No. Most of the theory for evolution comes from fieldwork and personal observation and not mathematical models.

The bureaucratic model of organization is based on the _____ theory?


Explain spiral model in sdlc with the help of diagram?

explain spiral model in sdlc

Why the observation that the sun sets in the west could be called a scientific law?

the sun setting in the west is an observation. scientific law is usually simply an observation not a model or explanation