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Most hurricane deaths are from drowning. Storm surge is what kills most people in a hurricane. The storm pushes water to the shore and causes a wave of 5 to 25 feet which inindates the shore and the inland. Tornadoes are an aftermath of the storm.

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Q: What kills the majority of people when a hurricane strikes?
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What kills a hurricane?

cold air kills a hurricane a hurricane needs hot moist air

What effects does a hurricane have?

A hurricane kills people destroys their homes flash floods strong winds

Does wind or water kill more people in a hurricane?

yes wind and water kills more people in hurricanes because when the wind is so strong it blows people away and it kills lots of people because of all the thing flying around. also water kills alot of people because people drown in the water flying away but wind kills more in hurricanes.

What are the effects of hurricane?

uproots trees,causes a lot of damage when its on the shore,and destroys property and kills many people

What are the effects of hurricanes on humans?

It kills people and destroys their homes, leaving devastated and traumatised people. When the hurricane alert tell us that we should go away from that area where the hurricane is going to occur, we should immediately do what they say.......

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How many people does a hurricane of category 1 kill?

The rating of a hurricane does not depend on the death toll, nor is death toll directly linked to intensity. There are many factors that influence how many a hurricane kills aside from intensity. Factors include where the storm hits, how large it is, how well-prepared the people are, and even how much rain the area has had recently. Many category 1 hurricanes do not kill anyone. Others have been very deadly. Perhaps the worst category 1 hurricane on record was Hurricane Stan in 2005, which killed more than 1,600 people.

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What are all the natural disasters that came between 2002 to 2012 with the places?

It would be impossible to list all the natural disasters that occurred from 2002 to 2012 as there are simply too many, and there is no set criterion on how bad something has to be in order to be a disaster. Listed below are the more significant and well-known disasters.*Only tornadoes, tropical cyclones, earthquakes and a few other disasters are listed for now. More will be added later.2002March 2-March 25: A pair of earthquakes strikes the Afghanistan, killing more than 1,000 peopleJune 22: A 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Iran, killing over 250.August 28-31: Typhoon Rusa strikes some Japanese Islands and the Korean Peninsula, killing 238.November 9-11: An outbreak of 79 tornadoes strikes the eastern United States, killing 36 peopleNovember 10-12: A tropical storm strikes India and Bangladesh, killing over 200December 30-January 1:Tropical Storm Delfina strikes southeastern Africa, killing 542003February 24: A 6.3 earthquake strikes western China, killing 261.May 1: A 6.4 earthquake in Turkey kills 176 people.April 30-May 11: A series of over 400 tornadoes strikes the Central and Southern United States, killing more than 40.May 21: A 6.8 earthquake in Algeria kills more than 2,200 peopleJune-August: A heat wave across much of Europe kills over 35,000 people.July 22-25: Typhoon Imbudo strikes the Philippines and southern China, killing 64.September 12: Typhoon Maemi strikes the Korean Peninsula, killing 115.December 26: A 6.6 earthquake in Iran kills over 26,000 people.2004February 24: A 6.4 earthquake in Morocco kills 628 people.March 6-11: Cyclone Gafilo, a category 5 storm, strikes Madagascar, killing 283.April 14: a tornado strikes northern Bangladesh, killing 111 people.May16-19: a tropical cyclone strikes myanmar, killing over 200.August 12-15 Hurricane Charley strikes Jamaica, Cuba, and Florida, causing $16 billion in damage.August 12-15: Typhoon Rananim strikes eastern China, killing 169.August 25-26: Typhoon Aere strikes Taiwan and southeastern China, killing over 100.September 10-24: Hurricane Ivan strikes Jamaica once and the U.S. Gulf Coast twice, killing 91 people, costing $18 billion, and spawning over 100 tornadoes.September 16-26: Hurricane Jeanne strikes the Domincan Republic, Haiti, and Florida, killing over 3,000 people.November 19-26: Typhoon Muifa strikes the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, killing over 100.December 26: A magnitude 9.1-9.3 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra triggers a tsunami that kills at least 230,000 people around the Indian Ocean.2005February 22: A 6.4 earthquake in Iran kills more than 600.March 28: An 8.6 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra kills over 1,300 people.July 26-31: Flooding in India kills over 1,000 people.August 25-29: Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida and the Gulf Coast, killing over 1,800 people and costing over $100 billion with the worst damage in New Orleans and MississippiAugust 30-Septmeber 1: Typhoon Talim strikes Taiwan and southeastern China, killing over 150.October 1-5: Hurricane Stan strikes Beliz and Mexico, killing over 1,600.October 2: Typhoon Longwang strikes Taiwan and southeastern China, killing 148.October 15-26: Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, strikes the Yucatan Peninsula and Florida, costing nearly $30 billion.2006May 11-18: Typhoon Chanchu strikes the Philippines and eastern China, killing 268.May 27: A 6.2 earthquake strikes Java, killing over 5,700 peopleJuly 10-11: Typhoon Ewiniar strikes South Korea, killing over 140.July 13-16: Tropical Storm Bilis strikes Taiwan and southeastern China, killing 859 people.July 17: A 7.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of Java, killing more than 650 people.July 31-August 5: Typhoon Prapiroon strikes the Philippines and southern China, killing 94.August 10-11: Typhoon Saomai strikes southeastern China, killing 458 people.September 25-October 1: Typhoon Xangsane strikes the Philippines and Vietnam, killing 312.November 30-December 5: Typhoon Durian strikes the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, killing nearly 1,500 people.2007March 15-18: Cyclone Indlala strikes Madagascar, killing 150.June 6-7: Cyclone Gonu strikes Oman and Iran, killing 78.June 21-26: Cyclone Yemyin strikes India and Pakistan, killing 983 people.August 15: An 8.0 earthquake strikes off the coast of Peru, killing over 500.September 4-6: Hurricane Felix strikes Nicaragua, killing 130.November 11-20: Cyclone Guba impacts Australia and Papua, New Guinea, killing 149.November 16: Cyclone Sidr strikes Bangladesh, killing as many as 10,000 people.November 25: Typhoon Mitag strikes the Philippines, killing 64.2008February 5-6: An outbreak of 86 tornadoes kills 57 people in the Southern U.S. and Ohio Valley.February 17: Cyclone Ivan strikes Madagascar, killing 93.May 2-3: Cyclone Nargis makes landfall in Myanmar, killing 138,000 people.May 12: A 7.9 earthquake strikes central China, killing at least 69,000 peopleMay 17: Tropical StormMalong kills 51 people in the Philippines.July 17-26: Typhoon Fengshen strikes the Philippines and southern China, killing over 1,300 people.August 6-8: Tropical Storm Kammuri strikes southern China, killing over 200October 29: A 6.4 earthquake in Pakistan kills 215.August 26-Septmber 4: Hurricane Gustav strikes Haiti, Cuba, and Louisiana, killing 112.September 1-7: Hurricane Hanna impacts Haiti and the U.S. East Coast, killing over 530 people.September 7-14: Hurricane Ike strikes Cuba and Texas, killing over 100.September 21-25: Typhoon Hagupit impacts the Philippines, southern China, and Vietnam, killing 67.October 23: A tropical cyclone strikes Yemen, killing 200.November 25-29: Cyclone Nisha strikes Sri Lanka and India, killing over 200.2009April 6: A 6.3 earthquake strikes Italy, killing nearly 300.May 7: Typhoon Chan-hom strikes the Philippines, killing 55.May 25-26: Cyclone Aila strikes Bangladesh, killing 330.August 8-10: Typhoon Morakot strikes Taiwan and eastern China, killing nearly 800 people.September 24-30: Typhoon Ketsana strikes the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia, killing over 700.September 27-October 14: Typhoon Parma strikes the Philippines, southern China, and Vietnam, killing 500 people.September 29: An 8.1 earthquake near Samoa triggered a tsunami, killing 189 people.September 30: A series of earthquakes in Sumatra kills at least 1,100 people.October 29-Septmber 2: Typhoon Mirinae strikes the Philippines and Vietnam, killing 163.2010January 12: A 7.0 earthquake strikes Haiti, killing at least 100,000 peopleFebruary 27: An 8.8 earthquake strikes off the coast of Chile, killing 525 people.April 14: A 6.9 earthquake in western China kills nearly 2,700 peopleMay-September: A series of floods in China kill more than 3,000 peopleMay 21: Cyclone Laila strikes India, killing 65.July 15-18: Typhoon Conson impacts the Philippines, southern China and Vietnam, killing over 100.July: A series of floods in Pakistan kill more than 1,700 people.September 19-21: Typhoon Fanapi strikes Taiwan and southeastern China, killing over 100.October 18-24: Typhoon Megi strikes the Philippines, Taiwan, and southern China, killing 69.October 20-23: Cyclone Giri strikes Myanmar, killing 157.October 25: A 7.7 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra kills over 400.October 31-November 8: Cyclone Jal strikes Thailand, Malaysia, and India, killing 118.November: Floods and landslides from heavy rainfall kill more than 300 people in Columbia.November 5-6: Hurricane Tomas impacts Haiti, killing 71.December 2010-January 2011: Floods cause catastrophic damage in Queensland, Australia.2011January 11: A series of floods and landslides near Rio de Janeiro kills over 900 people.February 22: A 6.3 earthquake in New Zealand kills 185 people.March 11: A 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami strike eastern Japan, killing nearly 16,000 people.March 24: A 6.9 earthquake in Myanmar kills 150 people.April 14-16: an outbreak of 178 tornadoes strikes the U.S. from Oklahoma to the East Coast, killing 38 peopleApril 25-28: an outbreak of 351 tornadoes, the largest and most destructive ever recorded, strikes the southern and eastern United States, killing 324 people.May 22: an EF5 tornado strikes Joplin, Missouri, killing 158.July 27-31: Typhoon Nock-ten strikes the Philippines, southern China, and Vietnam, killing 128.July 2011-January 2012: Floods in Thailand kill more than 800 people.July-ongoing: A famine in eastern Africa claims tens of thousands of lives.August 24-30: Hurricane Irene Impacts Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the U.S. East Coast, costing nearly $17 billion.August-September: A series of floods in Pakistan kills over 400 people.September 3-5: Tropical Storm Talas strikes Japan, killing 82.September 18: a 6.9 earthquake strikes India, killing 111.September 27-30: Typhoon Nesat strikes the Philippines, southern China, and Vietnam, killing 95.October 19-20: a tropical cyclone strikes Myanmar, killing 215.October 23: A 7.1 earthquake strikes Turkey, killing over 600.December 16: Tropical Storm Washi makes landfall in the Philippines, killing more than 1,200 people.2012February 6: A 6.7 earthquake strikes the Philippines, killing 113.March 1-10: Tropical Storm Irina impacts Mozambique and Madagascar, killing 77.March 2-3: An outbreak of 70 tornadoes strikes the Southern U.S. and the Ohio Valley, killing 40 people.June 29-30: A powerful derecho strikes the Mid Atlantic and Great Lakes region, killing 22.July 22: Tropical Storm Kanun impacts South Korea, killing 89.August 3-4: Typhoon Saola impacts Taiwan and southeastern China, killing 82.August 8-11: Typhoon Haikui strikes eastern China, killing 105.August 11: A 6.4 earthquake strikes Azerbaijan, killing over 300.August 28-Septmber 1: Typhoon Bolaven impacts the Korean Peninsula, China, and eastern Russia, killing at least 88.October 24-32: Hurricane Sandy impacts Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, and the U.S. east coast, killing over 200 people and costing over $65 billion.October 28-November 1: Cyclone Nilam impacts India and Sri Lanka, killing 75.December 3-9: Typhoon Bopha impacts the Philippines, killing over 1,000 people.

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