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What kind of SD card does the Nintendo DSi use?


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It uses a stranded SD card. Not a micro one. In other words, the same SD card used in a camera.


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You need a credit card or a nintendo dsi card.

yes it does it doesn't use any kind of sd card

Yes, a standard SD card that the Wii uses, will also work in a DSi or DSi XL.

From your DSi main menu choose the DSi shop icon, choose start shopping, then add Nintendo DSi points. It will ask if you have a points card or want to use a credit card. Choose the points card and enter the number off the back.

Yes. If you have the game for the ds light or ds origianol you can still use it on the dsi. But if you have a fire card it will not work on the Nintendo dsi system.

yes,sure,but if you had a sd card you could make more foto's or listen music on your dsi.

Use your credit card number.Get a Nintendo points card. Hope it helped:)

yup but the onley SD you cant use is the phone sd card

yes you can use Nintendo ds games in a dsi

The old 'Nintendo Points' cards are for Wii and DSi only. Only the newest cards, which have Wii, DSi and 3DS on them, can be redeemed in th 3DS eShop.

Just any regular SD card. I would suggest buying a 2gb so then you are sure to have enough room for everything.

A Dsi and wii card together costs about $20.00 in Canada and gives you 2000 points to use in wii shop channel and Dsi shop channel!

3DS, DSi and DSi XL use regular 'SD' memory cards. The DS, either original or lite, do not use memory cards.

yes you can use it on nintendo 3DS only if it say you can use it on nintendo 3ds this website is one of ones can use in on nintendo 3ds and nintendo 3ds xl as well with nintendo dsi, nintendo dsi xl, nintendo ds you can buy it from this website.

Buy the Nintendo points card and copy the code or use your own credit card.

Yes, the DSi (and XL) use the same memory cards as the Wii does.

No, the R4 for the Nintendo DS will not work on the Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DS do not use memory cards. DSi, DSi XL and 3DS use SD memory cards, it doesn't matter which brand they are.

Club Nintendo coins cannot be used to purchase software in the Nintendo DSi shop nor can it be used to purchase DSi points.

If you are reffering to the points used in the DSi shop, then they must be purchased. From the DSi shop, click 'Start Shopping', then 'Add Nintendo DSi Points'. You have a choice then of purchasing using a credit card, or redeeming a Nintendo Points Card. If you pay with a credit card they cost £9 for 1000, £18 for 2000, or £27 for 3000. You are also given an introductory 1000 points for free when you first use the DSi shop.

yes but you cant use the GBA (game boy advance) games on the Nintendo dsi

well i think that you can olny use a sd card try it!

No. A DSI cant use a 3DS charger.

No, the Nintendo DS does not use pictures. But you can transfer DSi pictures into the 3DS in a future update.

yes look on local electronic retailers that sell nintendo products or online

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