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The previous two answers are great but I just wanted to add that sometimes children have vision problems that are not solved by glasses. Sometimes the problem is because they can't change focus from looking at something far away to looking at something close by quickly. They can have this tested by a developmental optometrist and get therapy for it.

My son had trouble copying off the board in first grade and we found out that he needed glasses. Having trouble copying from the board isn't necessarily an indication of a learning disability. It could be that he can't see the board well or has trouble with tracking. I would talk to your child's teacher and see if he or she notices that your child is struggling in any other areas. I would also probably go and get your child's eyes checked.

My son is very bright about most things but he could not copy his spelling lists or if I wrote a sentence on a paper he couldn't copy it. He had a LD that he couldn't get things he saw or thought from the brain to the paper. He received help at school with the LD teacher for 2 years grades 3-5 and the issue has been corrected. If your child tells you he can't copy ask your school to test him and follow their recommendations. If he is begging for your attention, or he can't see, or if their is a real problem they will find it in the lengthy process that you nor your child will even realize is going on at the time. It helped us save our sons self esteem.

If the problem is not limited to the board, but to copying a sentence from a book close up, or a simple picture seen in front of them, it could be Dysgraphia, which is what the answer above describes. It could also be an issue with being able to identify the handwriting of the person writing on the board, or it could be a vision issue. It never hurts to get tested, though it may be more cost effective to get the child's vision checked, and perhaps if the teacher is willing, typed notes from the teacher to see if it makes a difference before pursuing LD testing.

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Q: What kind of a learning disability might a child have if they are unable to copy off the board?
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What are some signs that a child has a learning disability?

Some signs that a child has a learning disability include delayed speech, pronunciation problems, and difficulty learning new words. Other examples include poor concentration and difficulty following directions.

In the state of Georgia do you pay back child support when unable to work for a year due to a disability.?

a portion of the social security disability income, if filed, can be considered as child support

How common is dyslexia in children?

Dyslexia which is considered a learning disability is very common with children. Approximately 5 to 10% of children have a learning disability and it is said that about 80% of children with learning disabilities have dyslexia. This disability is becoming more understood and is not at all related to a child's intelligence.

Can a child be diagnosed with autism and a learning disability?

Yes, a child can be diagnosed both with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a learning disability too. In fact Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is considered a 'cousin' to Autism Spectrum Disorder and is often comorbid with Autism.

Why is it important to recognize and respond to concerns over a child development?

because they might have a learning difficulty or a disability.

What is learning disability approach?

There is no such thing as a learning disability. The government claims that there is one because they want to make money off of their drugs that can drastically harm a child's health. ADD or ADHD is just an imbalance of brain chemicals that can balanced very easily by fish oil or by visiting the chiropractor. there is such a thing as learning disability .they have classes in school for students that have learning disabilitties to tought

Does it benefit children to be classified as having a learning disability?

I would not say it benefits them, as children who don't have one but are classified as having one can be held back in their learning. Though if a child does have a learning disability and is classified as so, they can be provided with certain special education resources that will help them better than a normal learning environment would.

What is the difference between learning disabilities and mental retardation?

A person with mental retardation has a low IQ and difficulty with tasks associated with daily living. A person with a learning disability may have an average or above average IQ but has difficulty in a specific area. For example, a very smart child may have trouble reading. This child is not mentally retarded but rather may have a learning disability.

What kind of learning environment does a child with learning disability need?

they will need a lot of help and support of there family,frineds and teachers they also need to be treated like any-other child in the classroom or at home also love that child and give them love and care

Can children with learning disabilities get social security?

In order to receive social security disability payments one has to have contributed to the social security system either by their own income or through the income of a spouse. The disability has to prevent them from working in order to qualify. A child is not expected to be working and therefore would not get disability benefits from simply being learning disabled. Once an adult that child may qualify for supplemental income if the learning disabilities continue to prevent employment.

What are the sources of stress of students with learning disability?

It really depends on the student and the disability. For many a big one is reading out loud in class or to people. Also things like taking test and when the teacher is going to fast. comparing themselves to other students and seeing that the other child is getting better grades then them even though the child with a learning disability is working much harder then they are, is one as well.

What is the difference between aspergers and nonverbal learning disability?

Asperger Syndrome is a form of Autism, whereas non-verbal learning disability may refer to a wide range of different conditions. With Asperger Syndrome a child does not show any developmental delays such as being nno-verbal or having a learning disability, this is the difference between Asperger Syndrome and Autism diagnosis (although both have been merged now).

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