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Saint Monica is the patron saint of alcoholics, married women, and mothers. She is known for being one of the early Christian saints.


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There is no official patron saint of patience. If there were, Saint Monica would probably be at the top of the list.

There are no miracles recorded that can be attributed to Saint Monica.

Saint Monica was the mother of Augustine.

Yes, Monica is a patron saint of alcoholics since she was married to an abusive alcoholic.

There is no patron saint of patience but if there were it would have to be Saint Monica who prayed for years that her son, Saint Augustine, and her husband be converted. They were!

The name Monique derives from the name Monica. There is a saint named Monica.

The duration of Saint Monica - film - is 1.37 hours.

Roman Catholic AnswerSaint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine, and is the patron saint of mothers; she was married to a pagan and spend her entire life praying for the conversion of her husband and her children.

No. Saint Monica died of natural causes - complications of old age.

Saint Monica is sometimes represented by:cincture girdle tears

Monica and her son Augustine were from a North Africa town named Hippo.

Both his mother, Saint Monica, and Saint Ambrose helped bring Augustine into the Church.

Monica, herself, was the victim of an abusive husband.

Saint Augustine of Hippo's mother was St. Monica.

Saint Monica is the patron saint of wives and abuse victims. The feast day in her honor takes place on August 27. Through the power of prayer, Saint Monica converted her pagan husband and mother-in-law to Catholicism.

Saint Monica Catholic High School was created in 1899.

Saint Monica - film - was created on 2002-09-07.

Monica is known as the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo and for the many years she prayed for his conversion.

No, Monica was not a foundress.

If you are referring to Augustine of Hippo's mother's her name was "Saint Monica".

Santa is the Spanish feminine for saint so Santa Monica means Saint Monica. The male form in Spanish is San as in San Francisco - Saint Francis.

Monica is the patron saint of several things but not of miracles. There is no patron saint of miracles.

Saint Monica is the mother of St. Augustine.

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