What kind of allergy tests are there?

Not exactly sure what they call it, but they can take a razor blade and make small scratches in rows on ur backs with #'s next to them then tahy add a drop of different things taht people are likely to be alergic to, it doesnt hurt it just takes a while. and if you are alergic the spot puffs up adn gets itchy. Its funny thought b/c they have some pretty gross chemicals(like a replica of a sent or object) they put on you, they have rodents, fesis, animal, dust, pollen, poop....but get it done it works-then ull know what to stay away from

There is also a Vega test where no scratching of arms or flesh takes place! You hold a metal bar which is connected to a machine and the allergy tester puts glass vials of the allergens into the machine. He/She then touches a special pen (which is connected to the machine) on your finger it makes a circuit and the machine reveals how you react to the allergen. Highly recommended test! I feel fantastic now!