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What kind of animal extinct?


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All animals go extinct because hunters shoot..... animals kill..... and many things die of old or sickness... or murder.


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Extinct animal is an animal that the kind of animal died out so no more animal.

Every animal of a kind which is going to be extinct.

people killing that animal and all of that kind of animal

An extinct animal, such as the Dodo bird, carrier pigeon, or the dinosaurs.

an endangered animal is an animal that is almost extinct. a common animal is an animal that has lot's of its kind alive.

you can't have an extinct animal living. It can be endangered or close to being extinct, but not extinct.

I believe that it is hard to classify animals to be extinct, because then you have to basically check the entire world to see if there is even one animal of that kind left. Even if there is even one animal of that kind left, it's not extinct, just extremely endangered (and then it becomes extinct...)

An example of an extinct animal would be the dinosaurs.

I believe the biggest extinct animal is dinosaurs.

i think it will be elephant and after they are extinct then it will be leopard

There was a kind of pigeon that was used to send messages, but I believe it is extinct now.

You don't. It is impossible to save an extinct animal. When something is extinct it is gone forever.

An extinct animal is an animal that has no living member on Earth i.e. all of that species have died.

The difference is an endangered animals only has about a couple thousand of its kind left. Threatened animals still has a fair amount left. And extinct animals are all gone.

The Oo bird (Oh-oH) is an extinct bird that starts with the letter o. To pronounce you just say the letter o times.Otters became extinct in Lithuania, but were then restored.Osmia anthocopoides, Osmia papaveris and Osmia xanthomela are kinds of bees that have become extinct.Oligoplectrum maculatum is an extinct kind of Pond DamselflyOligoneuriella rhenana is an extinct kind of Mayfly.Oleacina guadeloupensis is an extinct kind of Mollusc.

If they are the last species of its kind it would be come extinct

The Woolly Mammoth is an extinct Ice Age member of the elephant family.

If an animal becomes extinct, there will be no more of that species left like the Dodo. No more are left as they are extinct.

No they might be endangered but not extinct

An endangered animal is a animal that is going to be extinct (never going to live again) unless its situation improves. An extinct animal is a animal that is dead and there are no more of its species to carry on.

Its very important. Things that go extinct will never come back. If an animal becomes extinct, it effects the entire food chain. what happens to the animal that used to eat the extinct animal. then the animal that ate that animal. If ones dies, more die.

First of all, what animal is it? But anyway whatever animal it is, people are shooting it or killing it. If its a water animal that lives in the ocean, maybe the pollution in the sea or lake is floating and they think it is a play toy and they eat it. Its hard to explain if you don't have what kind of animal it is. Really everthing is going extinct in this world.

Most of the animal species that have ever lived are extinct. None of the animal species that are alive today is extinct.

So you can save the animal cause if the animal goes extinct it may be food to another animal making that animal extinct and so on...

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