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It's a squid.... hence the name...

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There is no such thing as a vampire squid Idoit

Is there such thing as a vampire squid

A vampire squid is not a fish. Squid are not fish.

Yes there is,its a underwater looks like a squid but the bottom part looks like vampire wings. who wants 2 go out with me????

the vampire squid is an invertebrate

There is no such thing of as a vampire squid

Viperfish and vampire squid are ocean animals.

She gets impregnated by a handsome male vampire squid.

Cephalopod. Although I do not know why the vampire squid is from this category

he's a squid obviously.mammal

No. Squid are invertebrates.

For a long time, scientists were not sure what a vampire squid ate. Now they know that unlike most squids that are predators, the vampire squid is a detritivore. It eats the leftovers on the bottom of the ocean.

A vampire squid look like a regular squid but it is black with a mouth that is flurry it opens wide.

Vampire squid eat sea monkeys,shrimp ect there enemies are sperm whale

type in facts about vampire squid in google . . . that's how i got my info :)

yes, a squid is an animal.

The Vampire Squid has a very big penis, it can grow a penis with length of 500m

Ur stupid. There is no such thing as a vampire squid. I had sex with ur mother

If you are talking about the vampire bat or the vampire squid: of course.

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vampire squid eat crustaceans

It is a small, deep-sea cephalopod

Vampire Squid live in the Abyssal Zone, also known as the Midnight Zone.

No it is a carnivorous.