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People work with dogs, horses, oxen, camels llamas, elephants, and many other kinds of animals. It all depends on where in the world they work. In a zoo, people work with all kinds of animals, but in an aquarium, mostly dolphins.

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What kind of work do people in greece do?

Every kind of work other people do... What else?

What kind of animals live in Poland?


What are the people who work with animals at sea world called?

The people that work directly with the animals in the shows are usually called trainers or handlers. However a lot of other people work with the animals behind the scenes, including biologists and verterenarians.

What do people do for work in the Himalayas?

Most of the people are Shepard's, they work on their frock off animals

Who are the People who work to save animals from extinction?

save animals . its our responsibility

What kind of work do they do in Poland?

They make ships, mine coal and other important minerals, and many people grow foods and raise animals.

What kind of work does a biologist do?

it does freaky stuff to animals i think they are evil or crazy to be doing stuff to animals

What are people who work with animals called?

Zoologist .... ?

What kind of animals live in Virginia?

There are: * wild animals. * farm animals. * pets. * people. * fish. * birds. * insects.

What kind of animal does Egyptian people have?

Egyptain people have many animals in their country cammals are the main aminals, they are the animals that carry the people around

What kind of people work with a chef?

people with no life

What kind of people work a lot?

people that want lots of money work alot

What kind of animals eat squirrels?


What kind of damage do volcanoes do?

They can burn people, animals, and plants.

What kind of job is it when people stuff animals after death?

Taxidermy .

Who wants animal testing?

The kind of people that want animal testing are the people that want to see animals get hurt and the people who dont like animals.

Why do people test vaccines on animals?

to see if they work.

Which animals help us with our work?

That depends on what kind of work you're referring to. Dogs, horses and oxen are the top three animals that help humans with a variety of types of work, from military to agriculture.

Do people use wolves as work animals?

Wolves would not make good work animals. They would eat the poultry and cattle.

What must people do to save the wild animals?

there are many thigns that you can do: and it kind of depends and the animals environment and habits.....

What kind of work do people do in libya?

people farm and do government businesses and the kids have to work also

What are the kind of work people do in Panama and how do they do it?


What kind of people do a lot of work?


What kind of work did people do in Malaysia?

They fish.

What kind of animals are omnivores?

omnivores are people or animals who eat both plants and meat for example people are omnivores except vegetarians of course.

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