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les fish, les camels,les penguins, les dodo birds,les dolphins,

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Q: What kind of animals survive in France?
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What kinds of animals are in Italy?

there are lots they need a hot climate to survive

What kind of adaptations can help animals survive?


What kind of gases do all animals take in to survive?


What kind of animals live in Paris France?


What kind of animals helps a white tiger live?

white tigers don't need help from other animals to survive. they survive themselves

Can animals survive without flies?

Animals could survive without frogs if they have any other kind of diet but while that some animals need to eat fles to survive just like an anteater need ants in their diet.

How do animals survive on antarctica?

Animals do not survive in Antarctica: it's too cold to support any kind of food chain. Sea animals live in the oceans around Antarctica: it is their native habitat.

What are facts about tundra biome?

well obviously its the kind animals that are actually able to survive there.Like what kind of question is that?

What animals cant survive in Antarctica?

It's too cold in Antarctica to support any kind of food chain for animals.

What kind of farm animals live in France?

well some of the many types of animals that live in France include these animalsAnimals in Francecattlesheeppigsgoatchickens also lay eggs

What kind of animals are in taiga?

well the kinds of animals that live in the taiga are mostly mammals because it is cold in the taiga so that means that hobos cant survive there. but animal that can survive are snow lepards and other animals

How do animals survive in tundra?

Animals survive by adapting the environment.

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