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Q: What kind of area would a place with coal and shale in the ground be?
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im from gastonia and would to have an above ground pool. my property slants down would that cause a problem?

If you build up a level area to place your pool you will have no problems. If you place the pool on the ground the way it is your water level will only be as high as the lowest side of your pool.

What is ground area?

Ground area is defined as the area a building occupies at ground level. The area is computed based on the exterior dimensions of the ground.

How did Burkett Shale get its name?

Charles Butts, the famed Appalachian geologist, named the Burket (one t) Shale for an exposure mapped in the area of Burket's Station (now South Altoona) in Blair County, Pennsylvania

What is the name for a fencing ground?

If you mean the area in which you fence, you would call it the "strip" or "piste".

Drainage basins are separated from each other by an area of higher ground?

a lavel place or land

What is a fertile place in the desert where crops can be grown?

An oasis is a place in the desert where ground water has reached the surface and this allows more plants to flourish than in the surrounding area.

When was Area 51 discovered and where?

The place called Area 51 is a place of folklore. The area commonly called Area 51 is in reality part of Nellis Air Force Base is Nevada. Nellis AFB and its surrounding area is a testing ground for new and top secret military aircraft. This area is forbidden because it is a restricted military installation.

What is the meaning of carpet area in apartments?

It's just a place were ypu cover the bare ground so the it will be warm and comfotable that' all

What is a large level area high above ground?

A large level area high above the ground is called a mesa. Mesa is a Spanish word that means 'table'.

What was the ground area the of twin towers?

Ground Zero

What area do ground hogs originate from?


What is a plaute?

Did you mean plateau? because if that's the case the answer would be an area of fairly level high ground