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2008-12-30 16:55:51
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Q: What kind of battery does the mossberg airsoft scope use?
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How long do you charge an m15a4 airsoft battery?

It depends on what kind of battery it is.

What kind of battery does the cm036 airsoft gun have.?

8.4v 1500 mAh

What kind of airsoft battery comes with a well D-94 airsoft gun?

dont get that gun walmart has the best beginer guns

Why wont your airsoft gun shoot the battery is charged works and the mags are good?

The reason why is because if you buy the airsoft in Walmart or somewhere like that, the airsoft isn't very reliable. Those guns are very cheap(kind of) and they are going be useless very quikly. I have a tac r71 and it doesn't work any more cuz i bought it in walmart. I reccomend all airsoft in

What is the fps of an airsoft Thompson?

it depends what kind?

How much does a mossberg 385 go for?

Depends what kind of condition its in

What is the rate of fire of a airsoft gun?

depends on what kind it is

Where can you play airsoft?

You can play airsoft at a local airsoft store if it has a field and you are alloud to play, but my recomendation is to just play airsoft in some woods, any kind of woods, as long as it doesn't break the

What kind of ammo does a Mossberg 500 Mariner use?

It will be printed on the barrel

What kind of airsoft guns are full auto?

Quality airsoft guns are fully automatic. Most any airsoft gun on is full unless is specifies "semi only"

Is it illegal in Irvine to shoot an airsoft gun of any kind?


Does it matter what kind airsoft ammo you use?

Yes I have a bunch of airsoft gun's and i have used ammo that is the wrong size... and i clogged the gun and had to take it apart to get it out.

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