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The colossal squid lives in the ocean biome. These squid can be found in the deep ocean, but may also come in closer to shore.

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The deep oceans around antarctica

Colossal Squids live about 1000 km down in the abyss. They have a predator which is the Sperm whale, which eats it.

There is the colossal squid - it's even bigger than the giant squid!

Colossal squid, and sperm whale

Yes, a live colossal squid has indeed been caught in Alaska under an iceberg that was as big as Texas! Yes, a live one was caught by Japanese marine biologists two years ago, but they killed it in the process by dragging it up from its natural environment. By the time the squid was photographed it was already dying. Also, New Zealand fisherman caught a colossal squid in Antarctic waters.

A colossal squid is a Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. Not a lot is known about them because they live in deep water and are not often seen.

no not that anyone realy knows people have said they have but who knows ???

sharks, whales, tuna, squid

Most squid only live 1-2 years, though it is thought that Giant and Colossal squid may live up to 4 years.2-3 yearsSquid and other cephalopods usually don't live much more than 18-24 months.

Yes, some squid species live in the Abyssal plain. One of the largest predators in this area is the giant squid. Other squid species that make this biome their home include the vampire squid.

the animals that live in the Antarctic are: penguins, killer whales, krill, blue whale, colossal squid

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Yes, both squid and octopus are Antarctic sea invertebrates. British exploratory fishing is currently underway for the commercially exploitable squid which live in Antarctic waters. The Colossal Squid provides a food source for Antarctic whales.

The Savanna Biome.A biome is a community of plants, animals and wildlife, also known as an ecosystem. The biome for lions would be Savanna.

There are many animals that make there home in Taiga Biome. Animals that live there are foxes, wolves and bears.

There are only two types of squid that live in Antarctica: the Colossal Squid and the Giant Squid. I believe they, like whales or seals, have an extra layer of blubber/fat that can protect them from the freezing water temperatures. Any other squid brought into Antarctica would die in minutes, if not seconds.

The squid is known as the ice cream cone of the sea because they are a favorite food of many ocean dwellers.All squids are carnivores.the colossal squid, mostly known as the giant squid, eat whales when he can "take them down".Squid can live in fresh water, and saltwater.Squids can range from 24 inches long to more than forty feet long!

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