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Metals and nonmetals form ionic bonds.

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Q: What kind of bonds do metals and nonmetals form?
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What kind of elements form ionic bonds with nonmetals?

Metals. The two most reactive groups of metals that readily form these bonds with nonmetals are the alkali metals and the alkaline earth metals. Groups 1A and 2A.

What kind of bonds do polyatomic ions form?

It depends on if the elements involved are metals or nonmetals.

What kind of bonds d nonmetals usally form?

When 2 non metals form a bond together, it is usually a covalent bond.

What kind of bonds do nonmetals usually form?


What kind of bonds do metals form?

Metallic bonds

What kind of bond is formed between a metal and nonmetal?

Ionic bonds are formed between metals and nonmetals.

What kind of bonds are formed between metal and nonmetal?

Metals and non metals generally form ionic bonds

What kind of elements form covalent bonds?

nonmetals because they are associated with molecular compounds.

What kind of bond form non metals?

Covalent Bonds

What kind of ions do metal form and what kind of ions do nonmetal form?

Metals for positively charged ions and nonmetals form negatively charged ions.

What kind of bonds does carbon and nitrogen form and why?

Carbon and nitrogen atoms form covalent bonds. They are both nonmetals, and nonmetals tend to form covalent bonds with one another. Also, their difference in electronegativity, 0.49, indicates that carbon and nitrogen will form a covalent bond with one another.

What is the difference between covelant bonds and ionic bonds?

ionic bonds are transfers of electrons between metals and nonmetals. covelent bonds are shared electrons between any 2 elements of the same kind.

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