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Typically the non metals form covalent bonds.

Of course some non metals will also form anions when they react with metals. Some metals can also can form covalent bonds however as their electronegativity is low these bonds are often polar covalent

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Non metals usually form covalent bonds.

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Q: What kind of element most often forms covalent bonds?
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Does chlorine form ionic bonds?

Quite often yes with metals. Not always though. With carbon it forms covalent bonds.

What kind of element most often froms covalent bonds?

Water, carbon dioxide and Oxygen gas

What holds sugar molecules together?

quite simply, bonds. The strength of these bonds depends on the type of element or compound that forms the solid. These 'particles' you refer to are best known as 'atoms' and the atoms that form a solid are held together by these bonds.

Organic compounds can have bonds?

Covalent bonds are common in organic compounds!

What type of bonds do carbon atoms use most often?

Carbon is one of the most versatile elements that is present in the universe. It is the dominating element in organic chemistry and it can bond with just about anything, even itself. Carbon usually forms covalent bonds with other elements, although it does form hydrogen bonds when it bonds with hydrogen

What is a netural group of atoms joined together by covalent bonds?

Such a group is often called a "radical".

Why are oxidation reactions often associated with the production of ATP?

Oxygen is a fairly simple element to work with. It is found in many molecules and often forms hydrogen bonds with the other elements in that molecule; one example is a water molecule. Hydrogen bonds are the simplest bonds to break and breaking bonds releases ATP.

Why do covalent bonds have an odor?

Odor is not typical of covalent bonds. I think you meant "why do covalent compounds have an odor?". Not all covalent compounds can be smelled. Only gases can be smelled. If something doesn't produce gas, we can't smell it. Often a solid or liquid will produce traces of vapor, which can be smelled. But it is impossible to smell ionic compounds, since they do not produce vapor.

How many covalent bonds does element Mg form?

Magnesium often bonds ionically. It has 2 spare electrons in the outer shell (a charge of 2+) , so therefore has a valency of 2.magnesium can also bond covalently forming 2 bonds as in the Grignard reagent, ethyl magnesium bromide, C2H5MgBr. This is an organometallic compound.

What kind of elements most often covalent bonds?


Are chemical bonds mostly covalent?

No they aren't..sugdens singleton linkages,ionic bonds or electrostatic forces of attraction,odd electron bonding,co ordinate bonding are some of the various other types.but covalent bonding is seen quite often.

What kind of bonds do compounds have?

All organic compounds contain covalent bonds between carbon and hydrogen, and often one or more other elements. A few, such as sodium acetate also contain ionic bonds.