What kind of braces do you get for buck teeth?

You dont have to get braces. I am going through this process call Biobloc Orthotrophics, I am pretty sure it can fix buck teeth, or teeth that are to far back, I am getting it because my teeth are to far back. But it can only be done if you teeth are still growing (still have baby teeth) They put a 'plate' on the bottom of your mouth, for 3 months, which brings your bottom jaw forward in line with your top one, so you dont have buck teeth. Every month for 3 months you take it back to your dentist to tighten it afew millimeters, when you start of you were it for about 2 hours every day a week, and every week you add on an hour. Then after them 3 months for another 12 months you were it to bed. It locks your jaw abit so its hard to talk but still possible to talk, just takes a while to get used to. You take it out for sports and when you eat.

Hope it helps!