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Q: What kind of bug has a red butt a black head and a evil looking stinger in the mouth area and is has big as a tarantula wasp?
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What is the stinger of a mosquito called?

They do not have a stinger if you mean the mouth it is called the "mouth".

Is it possible for a bee to suck nectar through its stinger?

No, it has mouth parts for taking in nectar. The stinger is for defence.

What do tarantula's line their burrows with?

They line their burrows with their mouth

How does a Mexican redknee tarantula eat?

with there mouth how do u eat??

Do gnates have a stinger?

Gnats do not have a stinger but they have a mouth similar to a mosquito. They cannot penetrate through clothing like a mosquito can but they bite and suck your blood.

What are the parts of the bear?

Head- where the mouth is, thorax- where legs are attached, abdomen- where stinger is located

What is the best cure for a wasp sting?

Chewing tobacco.....but it has to come out of someones mouth. It takes the stinger and venom out. :)

Where is a mosquito's stinger?

They don't sting,they feed on blood via sharp hollow needle like mouth parts.

Can a bearded dragon eat a wasp?

no because the wasps stinger would stab the roof of the bearded dragons mouth.

Do spiders help toothaches?

if yyou put a tarantuala in your mouth and let it bite you the venom from the tarantula can act as a numbing agent.

Do tarantula suck the blood out of their prey?

No. Tarantulas use their mouth parts to chew up their prey, and they drench the chewed up stuff with digestive juices. Then, when the chewed up stuff gets digested into a fluid the tarantula sucks it into its stomach.

Who invented black history mouth?

carter woodson is the person who invented black history mouth