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A bull seal and a cow seal have seal pups.

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Q: What kind of bull and cow have a young pup?
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In the animal worldwhat kind of bull and cow have a young pup?

Seals and walruses are two possibilities.

What is a young of cow-seal called?


What is an animal that its young is called a pup and the female is called a cow?

A young cow is called a calf whether it is male or female.

What is a young male seal called?

A young Seal is referred as a "pup", and an adult male is a "Bull."

What are the names for a male female and baby rat?

A male rat is a buck or bull. A female rat is a cow or doe A young rat is called calf or pup and other names.

What is a young wolf called?

A young wolf is called a pup or a whelp.the name of a young wolf is called an pup

What is the life cycle of a sea lion?

The Sea Lions life-cycle starts when it is a pup. Summer is mating season. One year after mating season the mother cow can have one baby every year in 25 years. The Sea Lion can live up to 30 years. The babies are born on the beach. Since Sea Lions are mammals, the pups are born live. When the pup is born it looks like its mother only smaller. The mother cow raises the pups because the father bull is too big and he can get grumpy. The mother is called a cow, the father is called a bull, and the baby is called a pup.

What is a palindrome for a young dog?

female sheep

What is a young mole called?

A young mole is called a pup

What kind of dog is Petey in the 1994 little rascals movie?

Pete the Pup was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier . (The original "Petey" was an American Pit Bull Terrier .)

What does young pup mean?

well if someone calls you "young pup" it means the same thing as you are a kid

What is a pup?

The word "pup" is short for "puppy" - a young dog.

What is young one of dog called?

A pup or puppy.

100 names of all animals with their young ones?

Deer, Fawn Bear, Cub People, Kid Goat, Kid Goose, Gosling Duck, Duckling Chicken, Chick Cow, Calf Pig, Piglet Kangaroo, Kid Dog, Pup Cat, Kitten Otter, Pup Wolf, Pup Elephant, Calf You're on your own from there.

What is a young meerkat called?

A young meerkat is called a pup.

Where did young dogs sleep in the gold field?


What kind of animal has a pup?

a dog has a pup

What is a young seal called?

A Young Seal Is Called a Pup

Can you give your pup cow milk?

no dogs should not get milk

What is the a baby sea cow called?

It's called a pup!

Is a young gorilla called a cub or a baby or pup?

Baby gorillas are just called babies. They don't have a special name like calf for a baby cow or cub for a baby bear.

What kind of dog was pete on little rascals?

Pete the Pup , or Petey , was an American Pit Bull Terrier .American Bulldog, most likely.

What does Dr Watson mean when he says 'I keep a bull pup' to Sherlock Holmes in 'A Study in Scarlet'?

It may be an expression meaning "I have an army revolver." or "I have a short temper." rather than "I have a bull(dog) pup(py)."

What is a young squirrel called?

A young squirrel is called a pup, kit, or kitten

What is the answer to the January 9 2009 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle answer?

Young Pup was the answer For 9 Jan 2009 the answer was young pup