What kind of cancer did Claude Debussy die from?

In contrast what the majority of equal questions of which cancer Claude Debussy died off, he didn't die of cancer. He died in Paris after a strike by the Germans, as a lot of people did, at the end of World War I March 25, 1918.

I saw answers of pancreatic cancer. Which is one of the most hazardous cancers around, still in 2011 it is deadly in most of the cases. Likely deadly within 6 months of diagnose. He was diagnosed cancer in 1909, he died in 1918.

He and a lot of Parisians died during the last German offence on Paris with long distance anti- aircraft guns and bombing by German airships. The cancer diagnosed in 1909 he survived.

Which cancer he survived in the years after 1909, I don't know, but it had to be a cancer which gave somebody a chance to survive, and by all means pancreatic cancer untreated, or with treatment accordingly to the time he lived in is simply a story which is equal to a fairytale.