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Michael Jackson had multiple phones including an iPhone.

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What type of cell phone does Michael Phelps have?

== == I sorry i don't know what kind of phone he has!

What is Michael Jordan's cell phone number?

WikiAnswers does not publish this kind of private information for anyone, sorry.

What kind of dancing did Michael Jackson do?

Michael Jackson did hip hop and pop locking mostly.

Was Michael Jackson the king of ice cream?

NOOOOOO! Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. What kind of question is that?

What did Michael Jackson hate doing?

its kind of hard to believe,but Michael Jackson hated going on tour

What is Michael Jackson's favorite kind of girl?

Michael Jackson favorite kind of girl is the kind who is honest and kind and respectful!!

What country was the cell phone made?

America what kind of cell phone

What kind of music did Michael Jackson play?

Michael; Jackson played Pop music. That is why he is called the King of Pop.

What kind of music did Michael Jackson make?

Michael Jackson made pop music, that's wby he is the KING OF POP.(:

Would Michael Jackson interrupt a wedding?

NO! of course Michael Jackson would never interuppt a wedding he is too kind

Types of cell phone chargers?

The type of cell phone charger you get depends on what kind of phone you have. It is not possible to charge your cell phone through your laptop.

What kind of cell phone headphones are most universally compatible?

Nextag cell phone headphones can be used on any cell phone.

What is HTC cell phone?

A kind of intelligent cell phone made by Google corporation.

How do you set up your voice mail on a cell phone?

Depends on what kind of cell phone it is

What kind of hat did Michael Jackson wear?

The hat Michael wore was called a Fedora

Can you tether a cell phone to laptop?

Yes, what kind of phone do you have?

The length of a cell phone?

Answer: It depends on which kind of cell phone. Most are a few inches long.

Which cell phone does shahrukh Khan use?

It is unknown what kind of cell phone Mr. Khan uses.

What kind of phone never rings?

A cell-phone set to "silent'.

Is a cell phone an adjective?

what kind of question is that

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