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That she is likely sensitive, sweet, loving, gentle and giving.

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What kind of girl Justin bieber likes?

I thought he was a girl.

How are character and trait related?

The characters have traits. Let's say you were writing about a girl named Rachel. Rachel is sweet, and kind. Rachel likes to read. So the traits describe the character.

What kind of jokes a girl likes?

Playing with her.

What kind of girl does Zayn Malik want?

zayn malik likes a girl with a casual style not too over the top kind of girl. he likes a girl with a beautiful smile and personality and brown eyes

What kind of girl does Jacob latimore like?

he likes a girl that wants to have fun and he likes funny girls also he likes a good laugh with his girl friends . Jacob is trying to find the write girl.

Does Justin Bieber likes girl that have black hair?

He said that he likes girl whit any kind of hair color :)

What does louise tomlinson like in a girl?

he likes a girl who likes to eat carrots, is kind, funny( just like him), and is outgoing

What kind of girl does Louis Tomlinson like?

He likes girls who don't take themselves to seriously.. He likes a funny girl

What kind of a girl does Alexander Ludwig like?

He likes a girl who is outgoing and fun

Do girls likes guys do karate?

Depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl it is

What kind of girl would Harry Styles likes?

Harry styles Likes a sweet, kind, cheeky, talented girl who has a great smile and laugh. Looks he likes on a girl: Nice smile, blue or green eyes, shorter than he is,a and someone who can like him for him

What kind of girl is perfect for Justin Bieber?

kayla thinks that he likes a girl to be them self

What kind of girl does jaden want to date?

a girl that is nice that makes him laugh and likes him for who he is.

What kind of girl likes to flert?


What is the chance of meeting a kind timid girl that likes you?


How do you tell if a girl likes you in middle school?

If the girl is making fun of you she normally likes you, or she can be real nice and sweet to you; it depends on what kind of lady it is

What kind of girl do jacob likes?

a girl who is funny herself a girl who has a nice smile a girl with class that doesn't cuss

What kind of girls does alex wolff likes?

Alex likes really any girl with a great personality

What kind of girl does harry from one direction?

A girl who likes him because of who he is not because he is in one direction

What kind of girl does Zayn Mailk like?

Zayn Malik likes a girl how is honest and committed to the relationship. He also likes a girl who has a nice smile and a sense of humour. :D

What kind of girl jiro wang like?

He likes mixed girls

What kind of girl do Liam Hess likes?

Girls like me! LOL!

What is an analysis of a character?

If you analyse a character in a work of fiction, generally you are trying to determine why that character acts the way he or she acts; what is his or her motivation, history, psychology, abilities, special attributes of whatever sort. You want to determine what kind of person (or being) this character is.

What kind of girl jaden smith looking 4?

He likes the kind of girl who has a beautiful smile and that would care for him and make him smile back!

What kind of girl does Jaden Smith likes?

Jaden smith likes girls that are fun and funny with great personalities