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You need classes on precedures and some basic medical and math for pharmacy stuff.

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Q: What kind of classes do you have to take in order to become a certified nursing assistant?
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Where can I take classes to become a certified nursing assistant?

There are free online classes and courses which offers classes for certified nursing assistant. You can visit for more information on certified nursing assistant.

Where can I find certified nursing assistant classes?

Nurse Assistant Training (NAT) | American Red Cross | Classes 171 hour American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training course teaches ... You will learn what working as a certified nurse assistant is like everyday in an ... The Top 3 Online Certified Nursing Assistant Programs the information you need to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, from Certified Nursing Assistant school listings to job descriptions to salary data.

How many classes does it take to get certified as a nursing assistant?

You can become a Certified Nursing Assistant by taking a one-year or less class at a career center. The length of the course depends on whether you are going to school full-time or part-time. These classes prepare you to take the CNA exam to become certified.

How do I become a teacher of a Certified nursing assistant program ?

study well and get a degree and join one college then you will become a teacher of a Certified nursing assistant program

Where can I find nursing assistant classes?

You can enroll in classes to become a nursing assistant at They will provide you with a list of schools in your area that offer the classes.

How does one become a certified nursing assistant?

To become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you will need to take a course through a college or online. You will then need to become certified. The certification exam comes in two parts: the written exam and the critical skills test.

What is the Certified Nursing Assistant Training program?

The certified nursing assistant training program, is a program to teach you to become a certified nurses' assistant which means you will work under a RN, LPN, PA, NP, or MD helping with patients. The programs gives you all the necessary learning needed to become certified.

What exactly are c.n.a classes?

C.N.A classes would be classes for someone who wants to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. These classes usually don't take long to complete and you can usually get a CNA license within 6 months.

What nursing assistant training do I need for my degree?

To become a nursing assistant, you must first complete CNA classes which can be taken through a community college or the Red Cross. Once you have completed these courses, then you will take a state administered test to become certified and start your job.

What is the required training for certified nursing assistant?

To become a certifies nursing assistant you must take about six months of training. Look for training classes that give you time in actual hospital with other people who are training and with people who are already nurses.

What training or experience is required to become certified as a nursing assistant?

You will need to attend nursing assistant school in order to be certified. This website has information on how to obtain one:

Are there special classes I need to take to become a CNA?

Yes, there are several special classes which you are going to need to take in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. It may be a good idea to either talk to someone in this profession, or to perhaps visit a local college and talk to a nursing professor.

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