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What kind of cloth did the Apaches use?

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they wear Buffalo skin and moccasins and loan cloth

The lipan Apaches used a bow and arrow to hunt their food.

They use fur, timber, cloth and other goods

what kind of cloth did millners use to make dressess and what kind of tools did they use to make dreesess

the Apaches used bow and arrows,and spears to hunt bear,deer,buffalo, and rabbits. the Apaches used bow and arrows,and spears to hunt bear,deer,buffalo, and rabbits.

The Apaches lived in wigwams.

The tools of a colonial milliner where thimbles, neddles, irons, cloth, and thread.

bows and arrows and spears on their necklace

the Apaches ate acorns,catus,and fruit

Apaches are located in the South West of Arizona

The same soap you use on the rest of your body. A clean cloth with just water is better than nothing.

well sometimes apaches called him sodabaya

Lipan Apaches lived in tipis and wickiups.

the type of cloth they wear in greece is called lieer

they use art to paint what they are feeling at that moment.

The noun Apache is actually a word for a collective group of culturally related native people of the US southwest, not a specific tribe. A collective noun for people would be an appropriate collective noun for Apaches; for example a community of Apaches; a conference of Apaches; a contingent of Apaches.

The Apaches lived in tepees and in large tents.

Apaches were a migratory people. Depending on the location and available materials, Apaches lived in teepees, mud hogans or wikiups.

Well that is a vague question that really depends on what kind of cloth you are referring to, what kind of plastic bag and what you define as a bunch.

For an LCD screen, you should never use anything but a soft cloth moistened with a little water. For a CRT(older, thick kind of monitor), a little but of dish soap with water can be used, again with a soft towel. Do not soak the cloth, only use enough liquid to moisten the cloth a little.

Yes, Apaches were nomads,but lived in little huts called wickiups

Apaches wear buckskins moccasins and the ladies and girls wear campdresses

They made old crafts like dream catchers, paintings, and tiki huts to live in.

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