What kind of clothes did tudors?

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Aristocratic women wore farthingales and boustiers. Men wore knee length, stockings, and cod pieces. Both wore large starched collars. Peasent women wore peasant skirts and blouses.
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What colour clothes did the tudors wear?

Because they considered the color red holding health givingproperties, many articles of clothing included this popular color.The fabrics used were often rich and luxurious sil

What kind of clothes did Tudor royalty wear?

During this time period wool and silk were being produced. TheTudor royalty would have had well made wood and silk clothing. Theywould have also had a large amount of purple f

Tudor fashion clothing?

English Tudors were famous for there beautiful and detailed clothing especially in Elizabethan times. Clothes would tell if you were wealthy or not and how wealthy you were. R

How much did Tudor clothes cost?

the Tudor clothes cost more than the pay - back in the day - so they only could buy one dress a month - and when i got to small they still had to keep it unless they had enoug

Facts about Tudor clothes?

Tudor England is famous for its beautiful and ornate clothing, particularly during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Clothes were a means of displaying how wealthy a person was.
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How did they clean there clothes in the Tudor times?

they would just air them( outer garments) the under ones would be washed in great vats outside that would take hours. Most of the people would reek of course but in those days