What kind of clothes do people wear in martinique?

Martinique, for all intensive purposes, is France in the form of an island in the Carribean. Its very, very chic and cosmopolitan. Women do not step outside of their homes without "dressing up". Being an island and hot weathered, sundresses (black is common)with heeled sandals (platforms), strappy tops, backless dresses...you name it are appropriate. If its cool and fashionable, its the mode of dress here. Brassieres are optional even in the workplace, with most locals seemingly going the bra-less route. Tourists tend to follow suit and leave their bras at the hotel. Beaches are top-free, and pointe de boute beach is clothing optional. All locals go topless, about 3/4 of tourist sun topless. Only Europeans, it seems, go completely nude. Wear comfortable shoes when shopping, but make sure they aren't sneakers and are something "vogue."