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The capital, Georgown is a city with extremely fashionable women who wear boutique clothing. Many shops and malls offer top quality goods. Guyanese women wear clothing suitable for their tropical climate.

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What kind of clothing do people of Guyana wear?

They were either none or tribal clothing as in skins and etc

What kind of clothing do people in Guyana wear?

regular clothes. Really original what U.S. people wear but when we go to church we wear sarees and indian wears.

What kind of cloths does Guyana wear?

Guyana people wear the mans wear pants and the girls wear dress

What kind of clothes do Guyana people wear?

we wear casual normal clothes just like the Americans but not as dressy we have poverty in Guyana so you cant expect too much of fancy clothing

What clothing do French people wear?

French people wear the same kind of clothing we do.

What do people in Guyana wear for special occasions?

the special clothing gyanan people wera is sari

What kind of clothing do people in Madagascar wear?

they wear lambas, and sometimes western clothing.

What kind of tradishanal clothing do filipino people wear?

they wear different kinds of clothing in the philippines. :)

What kind of clothing do Israel people wear?

they where country styled clothing.

What kind of clothing did the Blackfoot people wear?

They wear some kind of native clothes

What clothes do Guyana where?

Guyana, as a country, does not wear clothes. The inhabitants are fashion conscious and wear clothing suitable for the country's tropical climate.

What is the traditional clothing of Guyana?

Cassava is the clothing men and women would wear occasunally

What kind of clothing do bedouin people wear?

The traditional clothing of the Bedouin is robes.

What kind of clothing do people wear in Alaska?

same kind of snuggy clothing as santa but less colorfull

What kind of clothing do the French wear?

French people wear modern day clothing just like Americans.

What kind of clothing do people in Bolivia wear?

Weathty people wear western style clothes.

What do Guyana people wear?

basically they don't wear any traditional clothing they usually wear clothes to protect them from the sun and they inherit stuff from England hey zaro

What kind of clothing do Inuits wear?

what kind of clothing did the northwest Inuits wear

What kind of clothing do Indian people wear?

they wear kameez and salvaar and somtimes saries

What kind of clothing do people wear in Lesotho?

They wear masks, and most if them wear blankets wrapped around them.

What kind of clothing do people in china wear?

They Usually Wear Dresses ( Men 7&& Women )

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