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I think he/she is called a cardio-vascular surgeon or pulmonary surgeon. Either one is applicable, if I remember correctly.

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What kind of doctor would perform surgery on a person's left ventricle?

Simple answer is a cardiologist. That is, a heart doctor.

Can nurse perform surgery?

A nurse can only help perform surgery with a doctor. Therefore, no a nurse cannot perform surgery, unless accompanied by a doctor.

What kind of doctor that perform a surgery on stomach?

a local doctor

What type of surgery did doctor Williams perform in 1863?

An open heart surgery.

Who was the first doctor to perform bypass surgery?

The Russian cardiac surgeon, Dr. Vasilii Kolesov, was the first doctor to perform bypass surgery in the United States on May 2, 1960. The surgery was successful.

Who can perform a bariatric surgery?

"A doctor who would perform a gastric bypass surgery would be a surgeon. You need a special license to perform surgery on someone, like extra medical school."

What is the difference between optometrist and ophthalmologist?

An optometrist is just a general eye doctor that can do anything but perform surgery. An ophthalmologist can perform surgery.

Can a doctor perform surgery to implant uterus back in body?


Who was the first doctor to perform a cornea transplant?

The first doctor to perform a cornea transplant was Dr. Eduard Zirm. The patient that had this surgery was Alois Gloger. The surgery was performed on December 7th 1905.

What type of doctor performs laser refractive surgery?

Only ophthalmologists (eye doctors) are allowed to perform Lasik eye surgery. they must have has the necessary training and be certified before being allowed to perform the surgery.

What if you have bladder infection when you have surgery?

It is unlikely that they would perform surgery if they knew you had an infection. Either way your doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics.

When is pacemaker surgery performed?

It all depends on which doctor you have because every doctor prefers to perform the surgery at a different time period. It also depends on what stage your heart problems has advanced to.

What doctor takes care deviated septum?

An otolaryngolist would be the doctor to see for a deviated septum. They perform surgery of the head or neck.

Where in South Carolina can you get sexual reassignment surgery?

There is probably no doctor in SC who will perform sex-reassignment.

Doctors that perform brachymetatarsia surgery on the east coast?

Doctor Bradley Lamm in Baltimore MD

Can a doctor of osteopathic medicine do open heart surgery?

Certainly, if a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine decided to pursue a residency in cardiothoracic surgery and passed the appropriate board certification examination, then yes, they can definitely perform open heart surgery.

Can DO's perform surgeries?

Yes, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) can perform surgery after obtaining their medical license and if they completed a surgical residency.

What is a surgery doctor?

A surgery doctor is a doctor who performs surgery in a specific area.

What kind of doctor does neck surgery I am looking for specialists.?

It depends on what type of neck surgery. Endocrinologists handle thyroid issues (the thyroid is in the front of your neck) or a orthopedic doctor also does neck surgery. Some neurosurgeons also perform neck surgery if it's related to nerves.

What doctor perform heart surgery on premature babies an on them?

A prenatal cardiac surgeon -- rather a rare specialty.

Had surgery some years back need to fine the physician that perform the surgery?

Your family doctor should have a copy of Hospital letter with details of the surgery. Alternatively you can contact the Hospital and they can give you this information.

Can a Ayurveda doctor perform surgery?

A person who prescribes Ayurvedic remedies (which is what I assume you mean by an 'Ayurvedic doctor') is not a doctor in a legal medical sense, which means they should not be performing surgery. However, a medical doctor who happens to also practice Ayurvedic medicine can perform surgery. (Although in the UK, if your surgeon still has the prefix 'Doctor', you should be worried since this means they are not qualified. When a surgeon qualifies, their 'title' goes back to "Mr/Mrs/Ms" until they become a Professor, when it goes to "Prof.")

Where can I find reviews on hip replacement doctors?

Finding a doctor to perform this surgery will be based on where you are located. Youc an visit the website for tips, and FAQs about the surgery in general.

While a patient is having surgery his doctor notices a small mole The doctor doesn't think the mole is anything to worry about but he decides to remove it to perform a biopsy What is the doctor gu?


Can doctor of dental medicine perform plastic surgery?

It depends on the doctor's training and where the plastic surgery is to be done. A DDS would be interested in facial plastic surgery. If you are unsure, ask about his qualifications. They do have to pass board exams.