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What kind of education do you need and how long does it take to become a physical therapist?


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One should have atleast 4 years of education for them to become a physical therapist. All states requrie Physical therapist to pass a licensure exam before they can practice any type of therapy.


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What Kind of education is needed and how long does it take to become a physical Therapist?

You cannot become a therapist when you are addicted with Marijuana. A good therapist must not be a patient of any kind of addiction.

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Most physical therapist have Masters degrees now. They study movement and how to help individuals who suffer from stiff or missing limbs function again.

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Currently, the minimum degree requirement for a physical therapist is a master's degree. However, the minimum degree requirement for entry level positions within this field may shortly become a doctorate.

if u want a to be a pta you need a 2 yr associates. To become a physical therapist you need a 4 yr bachelors. I would like to add considering the nature of question, I think the person is looking for what kind not level ..... in physical therapy program you have two major option. One is to pursue campus based education for associate or bachelor program, the other option is to go for a blended (mix of online and campus) which helps you to continue job, work-life balance and go through the theory online. /for hands on training and practicals you have to visit your institute to make sure that you are fully trained to be a physical therapist. In short you have to go through theory and hands-on training yo pursue the program!

If you were a physical therapists assistance you would probabley have to no alot about what the therapist does, as well as sending patients in and booking appointments.

At a minimum, entry to the PT profession requires a post-baccalaureate from an accredited physical therapy program. You can either get a Masters or a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy.

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That depends on what kind of therapist. Massage therapists do not need degrees, nor do physical therapists. Psychotherapists do.

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You need to attend massage school for at least two years to to become a massage therapist. In addition, it is recommended that you have a few more years of hands on experience

Physical therapist assistants are required by law to hold at least an associate degree. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, there were 233 accredited physical therapist assistant programs in the United States as of 2006. Many of these program are offered at community colleges.

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