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Metals. The two most reactive groups of metals that readily form these bonds with nonmetals are the alkali metals and the alkaline earth metals. Groups 1A and 2A.

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What elements form ionic bonds?

metals and nonmetals or polyatomic ions

Ionic bonds occur between what types of elements?

Ionic bonds generally form between metals and nonmetals.

What compounds forms an ionic bond?

The elements that generally form ionic bonds are the metals and nonmetals.

What kinds of elements that form ionic bonds?

An ionic bond is formed between metals and nonmetals.

What kind of bonds do metals and nonmetals form?

Metals and nonmetals form ionic bonds.

What types of elements form covalent compounds and what types of elements form ionic compoundsypes?

Nonmetals form covalent bonds with one another, forming molecular compounds. Metals and nonmetals tend to form ionic compounds.

Is the compound SBr2 an ionic or a molecular compound?

Molecular. The bonds form between 2 nonmetals. Ionic bonds form between metals and nonmetals.

What kinds of elements form ionic bonds and covalent bonds?

Ionic bonds are between metals and nonmetals. Covalent bonds are between nonmetals andnonmetals.Also covalent bonds consist that they share the electrons to get a full outer level but on the other hand ionic bonding consists in giving and taking away!

How do you use ionic bonds in sentence?

Ionic bonds generally form between metals and nonmetals.

Is the composition of an ionic compound formed by two or more nonmetallic elements?

Ionic compounds do not form between nonmetallic elements. Nonmetallic elements form covalent bonds, and form molecular compounds. Ionic compounds are generally formed by metals and nonmetals.

Does sulfur has ionic bonds or covalent bonds?

Sulfur will form covalent bonds with itself and other nonmetals, but will form ionic bonds with most metals.

Will N and O form a covalent or ionic bond?

They will form a covalent bond. Both are nonmetals; covalent bonds only form between nonmetals. Ionic bonds form between metals and nonmetals, so that is not correct here.

Is Cf2Cl2 ionic?

No, CF2Cl2 is covalent as the the three elements in it (Carbon, Fluorine, and Chlorine) are all nonmetals. Nonmetals form covalent bonds with one another.

Do nonmetals gain electrons when they form ionic bonds?

yes, nonmetals gain electrons when forming ionic bonds, and metals loose electrons when forming an ionic bond

The one that is most likely to form ionic bonds is?

Metals and nonmetals tend to form ionic bonds when bonded together.

Do cesium and calcium form ionic bond?

Both are metals and form ionic bonds with nonmetals.

Which elements do not form ionic bonds?

Ionic bonds are formed between metals and nonmetals. Therefore, almost any element can form ionic bonds. However, since carbon's electron configuration is such that it can accommodate four covalent bonds, it forms covalent bonds very readily. Therefore, it is never seen in ionic compounds.

Which elements form ionic compounds?

the metals with nonmetals

What elements are most likely to form from an ionic bond?

Elements do not form from ionic bonds...

What type of bond does scandium normally form?

Ionic. This is because it is part of the transition metals, which normally combine with nonmetals to form ionic bonds. A metal and a nonmetal form an ionic bond (generally), and two nonmetals tend to form covalent bonds (generally).

Which element will most likely form a ionic bond?

Ionic bonds form primarily between metals and nonmetals.

Is glycerol ionic or covalent?

covalent, glycerol contains C,H,O whitch are non metals and conalent bonds form between nonmetals and ionic bonds form between metal and nonmetal elements (except in acids).

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