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Q: What kind of energy does a rock have that is sitting on a cliff?
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A rock sitting on top of a cliff has?

A rock that is sitting on top of a cliff has what is called potential energy.

Do a rock sitting on top of a cliff has no energy?

If it's not moving it doesn't have any energy

How much energy does a 50 kg rock have if it is sitting on the edge of a 15 m cliff?


Does a rock on the edge of a cliff contain kinetic energy?

No, because kinetic energy is the energy and object possesses because of its motion and its mass. Potential energy is the energy stored and held in readiness in an object. The rock has to be moving to have kinetic energy, but since the rock is just sitting on the edge of a cliff, it doesn't have kinetic, it has potential.

What type of potential energy does a rock perched on the edge of a cliff have?

A rock at the edge of a cliff has potential energy. This energy may be converted to kinetic energy by the force of gravity if it falls off the cliff.

Does a rock at the edge of a 200m high cliff has more potential energy than an equal sized rock at the edge of a 600m high cliff?

The higher rock has more potential energy

When a rock falls from a cliff potential energy changes into?

kinetic energy

What are 3 examples of pontential energy?

Gravitation Potential EnergyA rock sitting on a cliff has this energy as graity is pulling it down but the cliff is keeping it upChemical Potential EnergyWhen your body uses food to create and store energy as fatsElastic potential energyWhen your stretch and elastic around something it has this energy as the stretchyness is kept

What is an example of how potential energy can transform into kinetic energy?

A rock falling of a cliff.

What type of rock is normally used in a cliff?

A cliff can be made up of nearly any kind of rock From calcium to granite to sandstone.

In what activities are you doing work in its scientific meaning A sitting still on a rock B pushing against a rock but not moving it C pushing the rock over a cliff?

Pushing it over a cliff. Work is exerting force over a distance.

Which of these objects has the most mechanical kinetic energy a spring compressed a rock sitting on a cliff a bycicle going 10mph a car going 60 mph?

Kinetic energy is energy available due to velocity, so you can exclude the compressed spring and the rock sitting on a cliff. As far as the bicycle vs the car, the car is the easy winner. EK = 0.5 m v2 Since both the mass (m) and the velocity (v) of the car exceeds that of the bicycle, it is clear that EK-Car is much greater than EK-Bicycle.