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Civil Engineering, Maine Engineers, Areospace Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Computer Hardware engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Material Engineers, Elecrical Engineers EXEPT Computer......ect.......
Engineering courses are offered in different fields like:

1) Civil

2) Mechanical

3) Industrial Production

4) Computer Science

5) Information Technology

6) Electronics and Communications

7) Electrical and Electronics

8) Aeronautics

Many more.. I request other to add if they know any.

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Q: What kind of fields are there in engineering?
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Seven different fields in civil engineering?

The seven fields are structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulics, materials engineering, environmental engineering and construction.

What fields are significantly involved in food engineering?

Genetic engineering, chemical engineering, and microbiology are all fields involved in food engineering.

what kind of chemical engineer work is out there?

If you like the disciplines of chemistry and engineering then the field of chemical engineering might be for you.Some of the main fields they work for are pharmaceuticalsand anything to do with recycling.

What kind of job can I get at kbr?

KBR is an engineering and construction company with offices all over the world. The types of jobs they would recruit for would be in the fields of engineering and construction.

Which fields are significantly involved in food engineering?

genetic engineering, chemical engineering, biology

What is common to all fields of engineering?

Use of the engineering process

Which field of engineering overlaps almost all other fields of engineering?

design engineering

What kind of jobs use logarithms and complex numbers?

Various engineering fields will use them. Electricity and electronics.

What is biomedical engineering?

The application of engineering knowledge to the development of medical products. The engineering disciplines involved range from the traditional engineering fields to software and genetic engineering. The field is broken up into a number of specialty areas as varied as the biological and engineering fields from which they spring.

How many fields of engineering there is?


What fields of science contribute to environmental science?

Mainly; Energy, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Engineering, and Electronic Engineering.

Is civil engineering science?

No, civil engineering is an engineering field. As in all fields of engineering it is a mixture of science, art, aesthetics. etc.

What is the most wanted engineering department in US?

focus on 4 engineering fields which are: 1) electrical engineering 2) mechanical engineering 3) civil engineering 4) environmental engineering ,

What are the roles of material science and material engineering in engineering fields?

This segment of engineering covers a broad spectrum of chemistry, physics and electrical engineering issues.

What are some application of genetic engineering in fields of agriculture and medicine?

some of genetic engineering in Fields of agriculture and medicine are diagnostic tools, gene therapy , and DNA fingerprinting.

What are the required knowledge and skills to pursue the full range of engineering?

The "full range"? Please realize that engineering encompases so many specialized fields that no individual could ever learn everything required for all of these fields. Concentrate on one or at most two engineering fields.

What are the most common engineering fields?

Electrical Engineers

What kind of jobs do engineers do and in what fields?

There are many fields of engineer work out there. Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Agricultural, Mechanical, and many others. Engineering is mostly about developing solutions to various problems in whatever field chosen.

Where can I find more information on engineering careers?

Engineering covers a broad range of fields. Electrical engineering works with electronics, architectural engineering works with buildings, and chemical engineering works with chemicals.

Can a person do electrical engineering without chemistry?

Typically, all engineering fields require chemistry as well as physics as a part of the engineering curriculum.

Is AutoCAD used in engineering?

Yes, AutoCAD is used in many engineering fields to create drawings and plans.

Where to avail for an engineer degree?

Most major colleges and universities offer engineering degrees. Some popular engineering fields of study include electrical engineering, computer engineering, environmental engineering and more.

Does science fields like physics chemistry and biology and engineering depend on math or not really?

They do, as do many fields that are not science.

Best paid engineering fields for future?


Different fields where software engineering can be used?

software engeeniring