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What kind of fish can you put with bettas?

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As far as I know, bettas make good community tank fish as they are very quiet. However, they like their water still, so won't be compatible with fish that need a lot of filtration and aeration because of their different environment needs. You can never keep two male bettas together, they will fight until one of them dies even if there are no females present.

2009-01-13 02:38:29
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What fish can you put with bettas?

peaceful fishes

Can you put a fresh water betta fish with other fish?

no. the male betta will attack every fish it sees. and its to bad because the bettas are the most beautiful fish, and it would be nice to set up a tank of just bettas. but the true answer is no. but yes to a female betta. you can put female bettas with other fish. and sometimes you can put male bettas and female betas together. (i was assuming you were asking about the male betta)

What fish can you put in with a male Betta?

You can put fish that do not have flashy, big tails! Any kind of community fish, not aggressive! Usually Neon Tetras are the best thing to put in with Bettas.

Can you put a betta with a different kind of fish?

Yes Bettas are OK with many different species of fish. They only fight with other males of their own species.

Can you put a betta fish in a tank with a seahorse?

No. Bettas are freshwater fish. Seahorses are saltwater.

Can you put bugs with betta fish?

That depends on the kind of bugs. Some bugs can damage a Betta, and Bettas will eat some bugs.

Can you put Bettas in with other fish?

Yes you can put Bettas in with other fish. Bettas are sometimes called fighting fish because they fight with each other so you shold NEVER get more then one betta because they will kill each other almost instantly. Bettas will not harm any other type of fish then its self. Bettas are very friendly fish and they will do great in you tank but i wouldn't get one if you have any serpaia tetras becasue they will nip at the bettas fins constantly. You will see some of your fish nip at the bettas fins a little bit though. So don't be worried if they do. hope this helps

Could a betta fish eat a sucker fish?

Yes that is why it is not recommended to put any fish with any bettas

Can you put a blow fish in the same tank as a betta fish?

no they will kill each other bettas are vicous

With fish do bettas get along with?

They can't get along with any fish except for a fish twice as big as the bettas

Can you put a boy betta fish with a girl goldfish?

They won't fight, but bettas like warm water and goldfish are cold water fish, so they shouldn't be in the same kind of tank anyway.

Can a crown tail bettas be put with a different kind of betta?

No! Betas are territorial fish. They will fight to death. You should also not keep them with any other kind of fish because it may stress your beta. If you have a large tank then a snail would be a good choice to put with your beta.

What kind of Fish do not go with goldfish And betta fish?

Coldwater fish go with Goldfish (temperature under 70F). Tropical fish go with Bettas (temperature over 70F). Just make sure that you don't put any more than one Betta in a tank. So Bettas and tropicals don't go with Goldfish and vice versa.

What other fish can you put with Mexican walking fish?

I am not sure.but i am confused why you put Mexican walking fish. bettas and Mexican walking fish are not related.Bettas were first discovered in Thailand's rice paddies.

Can you see fish that get along with Bettas?

well i dont. i have a betta and it killed two of my gold fish that i put in there so no sorry :(

Do bettas kill guppys?

Bettas will eat baby guppys as will most other fish, but in general, male Bettas will only fight with other male Bettas. They do not fight with other species of fish

Can you put female bettas in with parrotfish?

If the parrot fish is aggressive or big enough to swallow it whole.

What kind of food do bettas eat?

There is a a specific fish food made for Beta fish. You can probably find it at Walmart or Pet-smart.

Do betta fish eat any kind of plants?

Bettas shouldn't be fed plants, they are carnivorous fish and need lots of protein.

Do bettas have gills?

yes bettas have small gills because they are a fish!

Do betta fish want other fish with them when they are alone?

You can do research to see which kind of fish work well with bettas, but they don't really get lonely. Whatever you do DO NOT put another beta in the tank! They will fight until one dies- you don't want that, right?

Do betta fish fight with other breeds of fish?

No. Male Bettas only fight with other male Bettas.

What tropical fish can live with betas?

It is not recommended to keep other fish in the same tank as bettas. Bettas usually will attack other fish.

Can you put female bettas with other fish?

Yes, females areusually not aggressive, but if they are than you should take them out, but besides that they should have no problem being with other fish, but the males are not as aggressive as everyone thinks. The male Bettas will ONLY attack other Bettas or fish with long, flowing fins BECAUSE they mistake them for another male Betta.

Would a betta fish eat a koi fish?

The kio would be to big. But it would try to attack it. Then they will fight. Dont put bettas with other fish.