The River Nile

What kind of fishes are in the Nile River?

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What kind of waters are in the nile river?

The Nile is a north-flowing freshwater river.

Why did Ancient Egyptian doctors depend on the Nile river?

may be to get some medicines which are taken out from the living beings(fishes etc.) which are found only in the river Nile.

What kind of river is in Egypt?

Part of the longest river in the world, call the river Nile.

What is the major river in Egypt?


What kind of ecology surrounds the Nile River?

The crops and the farm surround the river nile and every year in June and october the rains come and the river nile overflows and wets the crops

What kind of plants live around the Nile River?

nile river lies over a desert. so mainly cacti.

What kind of plants along the nile?

Along the Nile River, papyrus reeds grow.

What kind of soil does the Nile River have?

sandy and muddy

What kind of reeds does the river Nile contain?


What is ancient Egypt favorite food?

probably some river food like fishes lobster something cause they had river nile which they were very proud off

What kind of dangers are in the River Nile?

The same as any other river but including crocodiles.

What kind of landform has the Nile River formed at its mouth?

A delta.

What kind of math did the Nile River Valley have?

fresh crops

What kind of government did the Nile River Valley civilization have?

A king

The landforms in the river Nile?

The river Nile forms is: waterfalls, cataracts, Lake Nasser, the Nile Delta, the Nile River Valley. These are the land forms a long the river Nile.

Tributary of the Nile River?

The five tributaries of the Nile river are: * The Atbarah River * The Dinder River * The Blue Nile * The Sobat River * The White Nile.

Is the White Nile River east or west of the Blue Nile River?

The White Nile River is west of the Blue Nile River.

Does the Blue Nile river and the White Nile river merge into the Nile river?


Is the nile river valley in the same location of the nile river?

The River Nile flows through the Nile Valley.

What desert is west of the Nile River?

The Sahara is west of the Nile River.The Sahara is west of the Nile River.

Which kind of vegetation covers much of Central Africa?

the nile river

What kind of people live by the Nile River and what are some things about them?

they kill it

Where is worlds biggest river?

nile river nile river

What is the longest major river?

The Nile River. or River Nile

Is there any kind of crocodile that lives in a desert?

The Nile crocodile lives in the Nile River that passes through the Sahara.