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The best flake food for Guppies would be one that is high in vegetable matter. Another food that is heathy for them is finely chopped , and ground spinach. Guppies are largly vegetarian, But will eat most other foods.

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can i feed my guppies grounded cichlid pelles

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Q: What kind of flake food do you feed guppies?
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What kind of food the snail eat?

I have 8 mystery snails and I was told to feed them roman lettuce. You must always rinse the lettuce before putting in your tank. My snails will also eat flake food and plants.

What does the red wag swordtail feeds on?

is it for the fish u have in an aquarium? in the wild im not sure but i have like 20-35 of them and i usually feed them twoce daily with a little bit of fish food (the flake kind), if u dont have the flake sort u can give them tiny crumbs of any bread (preferably brown) hope this helps :)

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