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The best flake food for Guppies would be one that is high in vegetable matter. Another food that is heathy for them is finely chopped , and ground spinach. Guppies are largly vegetarian, But will eat most other foods.

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Q: What kind of flake food do you feed guppies?
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Sea monkeys are Brine shrimp and eat 'spirulina' which is a kind of algae.

Are guppies omnivores?

An omnivore is a kind of animal that eats either other animals or plants. Yes, guppies eat a variety of fish food, from flake foods to brine shrimp, microworms, blood worms etc., they will also eat their young or any other small fry. Guppies will snack on any algae they find in the tank.

What kind of food does a guppy eat?

The little fish flake food would be sufficient.-Shocker

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Their are many different types of food that can be used, but I personally recommend Tetramin or Tetracolor. These are basic types of food that come in flake form and can be found at literally any pet store or fish retailer.

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I have 8 mystery snails and I was told to feed them roman lettuce. You must always rinse the lettuce before putting in your tank. My snails will also eat flake food and plants.

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